PETALUMA (BCN) — Petaluma police on Wednesday arrested a man with four prior DUI arrests on suspicion of driving under the influence with his 12-year-old daughter in the car, a police sergeant said Thursday.

An officer spotted a red Ford van belonging to habitual DUI offender William Brewster parked in the Lucky grocery store parking lot on Lakeville Street at about 3:30 p.m., Sgt. Ken Savano said.

The officer knew Brewster’s license was suspended and he was on active DUI probation, Savano said.

He watched the van and saw Brewster, 51, drive onto Payran Street and Caulfield Lane, Savano said.

The officer stopped the van and found Brewster was allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol with his 12-year-daughter in the vehicle, Savano said.

Brewster’s blood-alcohol level was allegedly more than twice the legal limit, and he was arrested for his fifth DUI, Savano said.

Police drove his daughter home and released her to her mother, Savano said.

Brewster was booked under no bail into the Sonoma County jail for DUI, child endangerment, driving on a suspended license, and violating his probation. His van was impounded for 30 days, Savano said.

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Comments (5)
  1. Ron says:

    This guy should never be allowed to drive for at least 5 years. Are we going to wait for him to kill an innocent family and then remark “Oh, I guess all the signs were there. We should have done something about this earlier. Please…please…keep this guy off the road for a loooooong time. For the sake of innocent, decent people.

    Thank you.

  2. Shari says:

    This guy needs some serious, serious help. And if the mother of the child was at home, why the *ell would she allow the guy to drive??? Muchless if it was going to involve their child? That sounds like child endangerment on her part as well!

  3. just the facts, mam says:

    Ron,That guy is not allowed to drive NOW!. The article clearly states that he was driving with a suspended license. Unfortunately, habitual offenders of all types flagrantly ignore license suspensions. After all, the consequences for violation aren’t really that great. Even this guy’s vehickle impound was due to his blood alcohol level, and not his suspended license.

  4. pgy63 says:

    what ever happened to 3 strikes???

  5. julie says:

    Watch out Petaluma the roads are full of drunk drivers. This guy will do jail time and mandatory rehab. Then he will be free to start driving and drunk all over again.THe will not do a long jail sentence untill he kills a family in a mini van. God help us all.

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