BRENTWOOD (KCBS) – Some major fire districts in the East Bay are looking beyond the elections Tuesday and thinking about a parcel tax in June.

Like other fire agencies in the Bay Area, the East Contra Costa Fire District has made steep cuts. Two of its eight fire stations were closed this past summer. Chief Hugh Henderson said revenue continues to vanish since much of it is based on property tax.

KCBS’ Dave Padilla Reports:

To help offset the revenue loss, Henderson said the district wants to survey east county residents about a possible parcel tax on the June 2011 ballot. Chief Daryl Louder of Contra Costa Fire Protection District said he’ll be floating a similar idea.

“We’ve done everything we possibly can to reduce costs,” he said. “We’ve already laid people off.”

Chief Louder said his district has been relying on reserves to balance its budget, but he estimates that during the end of the next fiscal year, those funds will vanish. The district now wants to hire a consulting firm to poll residents about a parcel tax.

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  1. ContracostaResident says:

    We sincerely request them to publish the salaries (with out names) , pension liabilites including county officials. Then we consider voting on the measure.

  2. SanRamonResident says:

    I agree. Don’t waste money on consulting firm. First publish the salaries of all employees with their job titles (we don’t need names), then we can suggest whether parcel tax should be levied or not.

  3. Ron says:

    I ran a query on a search engine available on the Contra Costa Time website. It’s called the 2009 Public employee Salaries search engine. I used advanced search feature to list all the salaries’ in the Fire departments in Contra Costa.
    Out of the 2500 results the top 21 employees made greater than 200K . That’s Base + overtime + benefits. Only the last 6 Fire department employees made LESS than 100K in salaries and benefits… That means 2,474 Fire department employees are making between 101K and 200K a year. WOW and they want more money.

  4. BayArea Guy says:

    Are you fellow tax payers paying attention to how many New and relocated fire stations have been brought online in the last 5 years? I’ve noticed that in Fremont, Milpitas and other areas they have been building these HUGE fire houses. Makes you wonder who decides to spend OUR money on something someone else is living in while they are ON the JOB. There’s a contactor out there making big money off our tax dollars. When were you asked if it was OK to spend your TAX dollars on a New Fire House? Was it really needed? I’m sure it was justified, by the Fire department.
    In case you were wondering – Contra Costa County was looking to spend $20,984,000. Based on a 2005 report to do just that Build new and relocated Fire Houses, and we all paid for it.

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