San Francisco Outdoor Restaurant Smoking Ban Goes Into Effect

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – Smokers in San Francisco can no longer light up in a restaurant’s outdoor seating area.

The law—approved by the city’s Board of Supervisors in March— went into effect this week.

Restaurants must not post signs advising customers they can only smoke at the curb or in a spot that is at least 15 feet from exits, entrances, windows and vents.

Failure to comply could cost restaurants a $500 fine.

Golden Gate Restaurant Association director Kevin Westlye told the San Francisco Chronicle the group supported the legislation once a requirement that restaurant owners police people smoking in front of their establishments was removed.

Westlye said restaurant owners want to protect their employees and customers from second hand smoke.

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  • Mike

    Good! Cant wait till it’s BANNED in public period!

    • Jelly

      i agree, now let’s all vote for it and make it happen!

  • Joy

    I would like to see smoking banned from apartment buildings. I have neighbors who do not take their habit outside and the smoke seeps through their doors and into the hallways and other units. It’s disgusting and unhealthy for anyone who doesn’t smoke, and worse for children and pets.

  • Jack

    I would like to see the consumption of alcohol banned completely from San Francisco. It’s way more dangerous to all of us than smoking, and while we’re on this fascist roll, why not? Come on people, get with it! Ban everything that offends anyone, then we can all just live in Disneyland! Wouldn’t that be GREAT ????

  • Bloodhounds


  • Barbara

    I would like to see smoking banned from all public areas. It is disgusting to have to breath other people’s poison as they exhale their smoke. It is revolting to walk outside and have to inhale that poison and stench when someone is smoking! Alcohol stays inside the person and does not spread to other bodies. Yes, alcohol can cause the drinkers to become intoxicated and thus out of control..but at least their poison stays with them.

  • Claire

    Wrong…drunk drivers are a danger to us all, much more so than second-hand smoke. The poisonous habits of alcohol abusers are putting any and all drivers at constant risk. The consumption of alcohol is a much more dire threat to our health and safety than smoking ever will be. Time to ban the consumption of alcohol in San Francisco.

  • Quora

    What are the best Mediterranean restaurants in San Francisco?…

    There is a city ordinance in effect that prohibits indoor smoking but with an exception for smoking only business such as cigar rooms. I personally think there is a hidden agenda going on when you think about how loosely these laws are enforced in SF r…

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