ALAMEDA (BCN) – A man has been arrested on suspicion of stealing a Yorkshire terrier from its 80-year-old owner during a purse snatch in Alameda last week, but the pooch has not been located, police said Friday.

The dog, named Deuce, was sold to an unknown party in the Stockton area Tuesday, according to police.

Anyone who recently bought a light brown and silver male Yorkshire terrier weighing about 7 pounds is asked to contact police at (510) 337-8340.

Deuce is licensed with the Alameda Animal Shelter and has an embedded ID chip. A reward is being offered for information leading to his safe return, police said.

The dog was stolen at about 2 p.m. Saturday when two men approached his elderly owner as she was walking near Encinal Avenue and Fountain Street, police said.

One man simulated a gun and demanded the woman’s purse and dog.  She refused to hand them over, so one suspect grabbed Deuce as the other wrestled the purse from her, police Lt. Sean Lynch said.

The robbers’ vehicle, a blue 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera, has been impounded, police said.

Comments (4)
  1. Jack says:

    cut his wanker off, If he is the guy. what a loser. I wonder if he could not find any 90-year-old blind women in a wheel chair to rob, so he robbed an 80 year old. What is his name? Where is he from?

  2. Kelly says:

    The dog was reported last by the robber in the Stockon area and we think near Holiday Park, if you all have friends or family in that area please spread the word for his return. There is a reward.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Perhaps posting an the amount of the reward will entice the new owner in giving him up; seems like that would be worth a try.

    I just hope this robber is telling the truth as to what he actually did with Deuce.

    Ever since this story broke I can’t stop thinking about this poor dog and his owner.
    Meanwhile trying to stay positive!

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