OAKLAND (KCBS / BCN) — Nearly 100 people gathered at the Fruitvale BART station in Oakland Thursday night to protest the fatal shooting of Derrick Jones by two police officers on Monday.

The demonstrators, who marched from a barbershop that Jones, 37, owned at 5815 Bancroft Ave., noted that the Fruitvale station is where unarmed passenger Oscar Grant III was fatally shot by former BART police Officer Johannes Mehserle on Jan. 1, 2009.

KCBS’ Tim Ryan Reports:

Referring to Jones’ nickname, which was D.D., protesters chanted, “Oscar Grant, D.D. Jones, We won’t let them kill our own.”

Speaking to the crowd, Grant’s uncle, Cephus Johnson, said, “We’re not going nowhere until changes take place” in terms of punishing police officers who kill civilians.

Mehserle was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to two years in prison for Grant’s shooting.

The Fruitvale Station was closed for about an hour during the protest as a precautionary measure, but no arrests were made, BART police Cmdr. Dan Hartwig said.

Johnson said future protests should take place in upscale areas such as Piedmont, Walnut Creek and the Montclair district in Oakland, which he said are where the judges and police officers live.

“No place is off limits,” Johnson said.

Johnson called for people to participate at a town hall meeting on Saturday to “plan a strategic move until change occurs in the community.”

He said the meeting would be held at 4 p.m. at the Olivet Baptist Church in Oakland.

Oakland police spokesman Officer Jeff Thomason said the march from the barbershop to the BART station was peaceful, and no arrests were made.

The civil rights group By Any Means Necessary organized the protest. Protesters made speeches in front of the barbershop around 3:30 p.m. before heading to the Fruitvale Station.

Jones was killed Monday when police responded to reports that he had allegedly choked and beat a woman in an attempt to kill her at a laundromat near his barbershop.

He fled when police responded to the alleged attack and was found in the 5800 block of Trask Street, according to police.

Jones was shot after he refused repeated orders to surrender and grabbed at his waistband, police said. An officer saw a metal object in his hand and thought he was armed.

Family members on Tuesday called the shooting outrageous and unjustified. Jones’ uncle, Sammy Jones, said his nephew had a wife and young daughter. The woman Jones allegedly attacked was not his wife.

Sammy Jones also said his nephew was a “very docile and humble guy,” and there was no history of domestic violence in his family.

Police, however, said Jones was on parole for a gun violation and was previously arrested on charges related to illegal drugs, domestic violence and resisting arrest.

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Comments (20)
  1. Big John says:

    Really Bart???? What a cowardly and insensitive thing to say. Why don’t you grow a pair write down your feelings on a sign and walk the streets of Oakland, instead of hiding behind anonymity.

    1. Idriss Stelley Foundation says:

      Oops, courageous Bart got bumped off by site editor LOL

  2. brad ainsley says:

    he is right you break the law and get shot oh well
    dont break the law you wont shot right

    1. Idriss Stelley Foundation says:

      “you wont shot right” ?
      is there a minimum IQ requirement to take the Police recruitment pre-selection ?
      Or, whatever you smoking, save me some LOL

  3. Doggie Brown says:

    This comment area is a perfect reason why they shouldn’t exist-because there are too many STUPID people like the ones above!

    1. FIRETHEMALL says:

      In case you need a reminder. This is still America and there’s that Ole BugaBoo called FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

      1. Idriss Stelley Foundation says:

        That;s right.
        and there are also dumb cops posting here while on duty, on company time, budget and equipment.
        Why don’t you go serve & protect somewhere, hm ? Something

  4. JACK TAYLOR says:

    your 15 minuts ar over give it a rest . oscar is history.

    1. Idriss Stelley Foundation says:

      Maybe we could strip you of your uniform, sit YOU at the corner, with a sign reading “I Hate Oscar. LOst my PD job. Will Hate for Food”.

  5. Just Saying... says:

    You may think the above comments are stupid, but nobody has ever been killed by obeying law enforcement.

    1. Idriss Stelley Foundation says:

      Blah, BlaH, BLAH..
      Lame and unremarkable.
      You may want to opt for a fresher script

  6. Zack Debarco says:

    WHEN WILL WE SEE DEMONSTRATIONS FOR THE BLACK MEN KILLED BY BLACK MEN? Oh I see, a demonstration almost every other day would be too much!!

    1. Idriss Stelley Foundation says:

      When will we see demonstrations in support of all the Great White Hope Proud and Free Cops on Steroids ?

  7. disgusted says:

    6 people shot & killed just in the last week in Oakland, murdered by Oakland’s criminals. Too bad publicity-hogging, cop-hating, thug-hugging, blameshifting racists see that as normal and couldn’t care less about their deaths. Hypocrites!

    1. Idriss Stelley Foundation says:

      You may be slightly confused about the meaning of racist.
      Go preach your Tea Party choir, they will listen (yawn)

      1. disgusted says:

        “Idriss Stelley Foundation,” hey, thanks for your clueless rhetoric to prove my point!

  8. FIRETHEMALL says:

    There’s no MONEY in protesting Black on Black Murder!

    1. Idriss Stelley Foundation says:

      oh, there is money in protesting police murders, idiot ?

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