The future of newspapers continues to come under question as journalism heads more and more into the online market.

Several papers have gone under and many print editions are becoming thinner and thinner as layoffs have hit the industry hard.

KCBS In Depth Interview With Bill Keller:

Bill Keller, the Executive Editor of the New York Times, said the print journalism industry is constantly changing as many outlets are using new media to keep up with the times.

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Comments (4)
  1. MJB says:

    News media are biased and mere parrots of a few elitist sources so it does not really matter if most of them die off. Good riddance.

  2. Lee White says:

    As a former journalist, I have to agree with you MJB. Many believe journalists are biased toward the left. No, they’re biased toward the hands that feed them — big corporations and all levels of government. The Internet allows government and corporations to tell their own stories. It also allows citizens to hold government and corporations accountable if only they will do so.

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