OAKLAND (KCBS) _ Oakland Mayor-elect Jean Quan took a victory lap on Sunday in the Montclair district, as she held the last neighborhood office hours of her City Council career.

She was surrounded by a steady stream of well wishers as she sat in her monthly booth at the Montclair Farmers Market for the very last time.

For eight years, Quan has been a neighborhood fixture. Now, she’s moving up to Oakland City Hall, where she hopes to replicate some of the successes she’s had on the district level.

KCBS’ Doug Sovern Reports:

“I think every neighborhood is much better organized,” Quan said. “I’m feeling very comfortable leaving. And I use it as a model for the city.”

Last week, the man she stunned to win the election, Don Perata, said he would reach out to her to offer his assistance. But they haven’t spoken yet.

“He hasn’t returned our call yet. We called him and said, let’s set up lunch,” she said. “So far, it hasn’t happened yet, so we’ll see.”

Quan said she understands because it was such a hard-fought race and it will take time for wounds to heal.

She said she will not waste any time and will do her best to try to fix some of the problems the city of Oakland is facing, including crime, economics and education.

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Comments (4)
  1. RanXerox says:

    So begin four very dark years for Oakland. Quan thinks the way to combat crime is to have the taxpayers fund more social programs and after-school sports programs. Ha! If people don’t feel safe to come to Oakland they will never invest or come shop in Oakland. If the police are thwarted in protecting the downtown area from protesters by City government, retail business will never succeed in Oakland. Well, the voters of Oakland have spoken. Oakland is the way it is because the citizens WANT it that way. A voter-endorsed cesspool.

  2. another civic failure says:

    So Quan begins her term as Oakland’s mayor knowing she hs the overwhelming support of a majority of Oakland voters. Except that…she doesn’t. Another “ranked choice” voting success story.

  3. tn says:

    On the plus side, anyone will be better than Ron Dellums. On the minus side, Jean will have to “right” the wrong that Oakland has experienced from Dellums, Brown, Harris… Tough act to reverse in a tough economy and crime-ridden Oakland. Good luck Quanster.

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