SAN MATEO COUNTY (CBS 5) – Three motorcyclists were left bleeding after being shot by a pellet gun rounds on Skyline Boulevard in rural San Mateo County on Sunday. A pair of teens is accused of using the motorists for target practice.

The riders were shot by high-velocity pellets from an air gun as they drove through a stretch of Skyline in the Kings Mountain area. Two boys had allegedly been shooting at birds in the area and decided to take aim at drivers from behind a row of trees.

“The pellet(s) actually penetrated the leather gear they were wearing,” said Lt. Ray Lunny of the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office. “It went though a leather glove through a finger and out the glove, and the other person, it went through leather riding suit pants.”

A third rider later reported getting hit, and showed up bleeding at the Sheriff’s Office.

“They could have been hit in the face, and either ridden into oncoming traffic, or gone off the road, as you know that’s very wooded, so they could have hit a tree and killed themselves,” said Lt. Lunny.

Half a dozen San Mateo County deputies raced to the area and found the alleged snipers.

There is no word yet on what charges the boys will face.

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