SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) — Thanksgiving shoppers will find that grocery prices will be a little higher this holiday.

According to the Consumer Price Index, consumers will be paying between 1 and 3 percent more for their turkey day groceries. Consumerwatch went shopping with extreme couponer Claire Williams to try and find the best deals.

Our shopping list included a ten pound turkey, yams, stuffing, pumpkin pie and vegetables to feed a family of 6. Overall, we found that The Grocery Outlet in Berkeley was the cheapest with our total bill coming to $39.88. At Lucky, it was $8 more and at Safeway it was $4 more than Lucky.

Even though Grocery Outlet has the lowest grocery basket total, the turkey cost more. But we found other things that were cheaper at Grocery Outlet such as maple syrup and a gourmet brand chicken stock.

Claire, our shopping expert, said it’s great when you can spend less and get a name brand like Wolfgang Puck’s chicken stock.

And for dessert, we found that size really does matter. While Grocery Outlet has the cheapest pie at $3.99, we found that for two bucks more, you’ll get a bigger pie at Safeway. The best way to cut costs says our shopping expert Claire is to do your research on line and pick and choose the bargains at a variety of stores.

For more money saving tips from Claire Williams, got to

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  1. Ron D'allejandro says:

    This makes so much sense! Thanks, CBS-5….

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