SAN FRANCISCO (BCN) – An introduction of a private bill from U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein has temporarily halted the deportation of a San Francisco community college nursing student who has been living in the country illegally.

Shing Ma “Steve” Li, a student at City College of San Francisco, was arrested in his home on Sept. 15 after investigators discovered he wasn’t a legal U.S. resident.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the agency in charge of Li’s deportation, was keeping Li in detention until Friday when the agency announced it was making arrangements to release Li and allow him to stay in the U.S. for at least another 75 days.

“The action comes after the agency was advised that Sen. Feinstein has filed a private immigration bill on Li’s behalf,” ICE spokesman Virginia Kice said.

Li’s arrest initially prompted protesters to rally for him to stay in the country, leading to Feinstein’s intervention, which granted him a temporary stay while she works toward a permanent solution.

Gil Duran, a spokesman for Feinstein, said today that the private bill is a short-term solution until Congress votes on the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act, or DREAM Act.

“This is a temporary measure until we see whether the DREAM act will be voted on in this Congress,” Duran said, referring to the imminent end of the current Congressional session following the November midterm elections.

The DREAM Act, which could be included as an amendment to other legislation, would permit certain undocumented students who arrived in the U.S. as minors and have completed at least two years of study at a four-year institution or at least two years of military service to remain in the country.

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  1. Rex says:

    With the problem of ILLEGAL ALIENS in this state and country and WIDE-OPEN BORDERS, there must be a line drawn in the sand. Where
    does this finally stop?

    Why do we put foreigners needs ahead of our own? Didn’t legal citizen students just recently get canned with more raised fees?

    When politicians put foreigners needs above the needs their own legal citizens, there is a serious problem and this is clearly treason!

    At airports, we have TSA (CHERTOFF’s RAPISCAN strip-search machines) and BOTH CHERTOFF and NAPOLITANO leave our borders like WIDE-OPEN SEIVES and neither one bothered to enforce our immigration laws and look at the huge mess we’re in (contributed to greatly by CORRUPT: Lawyers, Judges, Schools, Churches, foundation-nonprofits, Politicians (BOTH parties), the Prez and HOMELAND INSECURITY)—–and we’re the ones being treated like barnyard animals while ILLEGAL ALIENS get treated like the cream of the crop. What’s wrong with that picture?

    DREAM ACT: Why are we paying for ILLEGAL ALIENS’ educations? This means ILLEGAL ALIENS get the (Cheaper in-state college rates) whereas any LEGAL CITZEN moving to another state has to pay the (Higher, out-of-state college rates).

    Again, where do we draw the line and when do LEGAL CITIZENS’s needs get met?

  2. Zack Debarco says:

    Senator Feinstein is forgetting her primary duty to the citizens of this state. By allowing this person to stay here is a slap at every LEGAL RESIDENT ALIEN and
    LEGAL IMMIGRANT who played by the rules. You can’t tell me that a 12 year old who comes here wouldn’t eventually figure it out on his own that he was an illegal. Pandering to the law breakers is treason!! I have primarliy always been a fan of Feinstein but this time she lost my vote. Where is it going to stop?!!!

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