SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – Passengers at San Francisco International who decide to undergo a pat-down instead of undergo a full body scan during the holiday travel season may find themselves in a separate security line.

The airport’s contingency plan comes amid a loosely organized protest over the Transportation Security Administration’s new checkpoint procedures that’s been rumored across the Internet.

The strategy of National Opt Out day is to snarl Thanksgiving holiday traffic over what organizers call technological strip searches and government groping.

KCBS’ Holly Quan Reports:

Monday is expected to be the busiest travel day of the Thanksgiving week at San Francisco International Airport. Historically Wednesday has actually been a close second. Airport spokesman Mike McCarron expects 120,000 travelers the day before Thanksgiving.

He noted that the scanners have been used at SFO for more than a year with almost no complaint.

Mineta San Jose International Airports has had full body scanners since June and reports no complaints. A spokeswoman at Oakland International Airport said screeners there are prepared for Thanksgiving day travel.

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Comments (12)
  1. kanank says:

    Its highly criminal of our govt and TSA to use scanners when there is a known danger of developing cancer on people who go thru the scanners. Why doesn’t the govt guarantee that these machines are safe and assure us that the govt will reimburse all medical expense if someone gets cancer. I will opt for Pat down. Mr.Obama,Mr.John Holder,ACLU,Human rights watch,etc..and countless other liberals go our of their way to speak for the rights of terrorists,gangsters,suicide bombers , religious fanatics but fail to speak for millions of innocent US citizens and their safety and their rights.

    1. noneya says:

      kanank, Are you truly that mental?? I am 100% for this type of security. There is NO cancer risk for going through these scanners! HELLO! These are for YOUR safety and mine.

  2. Cyndi Moritz-Atkinson says:

    I was watching the news last week and Gavin Newsome was saying if you came from out of town to shop in SF there would be discounts. I am planning a shopping trip with my sister and mom. Can you please tell me where this is happening.

    Thank you

  3. penandra says:

    The challenge is that for those of us who have had any kind of a joint replacement (i.e., hip, knee, ankle, etc.), the full body scans don’t work . . . they cannot see the joint and I am still going to alarm the metal detector. Why should we be slowed down at security because of folks that are having a slow down.

  4. steve says:

    oh god! please let these people have their way and let them through! i don’t want to deal with more idiots than i have to on the road! here’s an idea; for those people that don’t want to go through the “pat down”; isn’t there someway that the gov’t can secure a mothballed plane and let the “no screen” passengers on that plane. sort of a “fly at your own risk” airlines!!

  5. Peter B. Towle says:


  6. BudM says:

    So where are the people that calles ARIZONA NAZI when OBAMA is doing this to the people that have not been proved guilty of any crime. They should require OBAMA and his wife and his kids and Nancy Pelosi to go through the same pat down and body scan just like all of us.

  7. CC says:

    Would somebody remind people that Obama didn’t start the body scanning at the airport…. it was started under “another president”. If you want to be mad at someone be mad at the ones who crashed the planes into the towers that started it all.
    It is time for everybody to calm down and BE THANKFUL that you are alive and you still have more than one choice of scan at the airport to choose from.. remember things could be worse if the terrorists had been able to do more.

  8. mmmmm says:

    I agree with CC; besides i would gladly sacrifice some privacy & inconvenience for security. When i went to Israel via El Al, i was faced with 20min of ridiculous interrogations however its a known fact that El Al has never been hijacked or had some sort of security concern. People need to stop wining about inconvenience!!

  9. mercy me says:

    I find it interesting the people that are against security. I think all the complainers have something to hide and may be terrorist. Don’t you want to be safe by knowing that they looked at everyone’s body that came through that airport? I have no problem with having to be checked through security. Get use to it people if you want to have a safe plane ride.

  10. Mike Johnson says:

    The main problem with all of these airport security measures, is, simply that they are all unconstitutional. If you honor the Constitution, you will resist them.
    The 4th Amendment of the Bill of Rights guarantees we will not have ourselves or our home or our effects searched without a search warrant signed by a judge, with a PROBABLE CAUSE to search us.
    Unless law enforcement can show probable cause that I am a terrorist, I demand NOT to be unlawfully searched. Many laws passed during the Bush period are unconstitutional, like warrantless Internet and phone searches.
    If we do not resist the growing police state character of the good old USA, we will reap what Bush sowed.
    These intrusions seems like nothing now. Then one day, we can’t go driving unless we show our National ID (drivers license) to the guard outside our garage each morning.
    I know it all sounds extreme now, but when you were a kid, did you feel like you were alone when you went out into a field or down the street at midnight? Of course. Now, we can never count on being alone and unobserved, there are cameras everywhere.. In N California, I am amazed at the number of cameras on street corners, even rarely used ones. God knows what the police could use them for, if they wanted. I don’t know about you, but it puts a chill on MY feeling of being alone outdoors… Think about it America- !
    I would honestly rather be killed 50 times over by an underwear bomber, than live in a police state- I mean a more obvious police state.
    And.. Obama- GET RID OF ‘GITMO’ – you PROMISED !!! Stop the useless wars, you promised ! We can’t install “democracy” with the barrel of a gun.
    Imprisonment without a trial is just wrong. We are promised a speedy trial by the law.!
    I say, give everyone in Gitmo 10 years pay in their home countries, and send them home with an apology from Noam Chomsky! That P-R move would combat “terrorism” more than any invasion of an innocent country, or killing 200K Iraqis for no damn good reason… President Cheney should be prosecuted for those war crimes! End of Rant, thanks for your attention! Watch Noam Chomsky on YouTube and learn something! He is a little extreme, but he’s closer in his lectures to our country’s real motives than most people realize !!!

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