Contra Costa Fire Stations In Danger Of Being Shut Down

PLEASANT HILL (KCBS) – Up to eight fire stations in the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District could be closing if a parcel tax isn’t approved next year by voters.

Fire Chief Daryl Louder made his case before county supervisors this week, telling them district reserves would run dry by next year and as many as eight stations could be shutdown without a new source of funding.

KCBS’ Dave Padilla Reports:

But his pitch failed to convince Kris Hunt with the Contra Costa County Taxpayers Association, who is skeptical that a parcel tax would solve the agency’s problems.

“Before you spend money for an election, because it is very pricey to run a countywide election, is this really truly needed,” she said. “And will people support it.”

Board of Supervisors Chairman John Gioia said the county is exploring all options.

“But the bottom line is, that property tax revenues in the fire district are down 12 percent. That’s the revenue that funds this fire agency,” said Gioia.

Both Hunt and Gioia said the firefighters pension package may be another avenue to examine.

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  • Jeff

    Eight seems like a lot, the fire protection would be stretched too thin amongst the county. Sounds dangerous.

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  • Dr. Doom

    If our “overworked” firemen who collect endless over time hours were paid a reasonable annual salary ($60,000-$75,000?) or about half what they now make, there would be plenty of revenue to keep the stations open. Also, at that salary rate, without an exorbitant benefits package, you could probably hire more total firemen and cut back severely on OT.


    Another LIBERAL dEmoKrat FEAR SPREADING REPORT! Every time they want “MO` MONEY” it’s the Fireman or Police or Teacher’s that are going to be cut. The liberal bureaucrat’s that are in control and are SUCKING the SYSTEM dry never say that they are going to have to take a cut in pay or layoff any useless office worker’s on their BLOATED payrolls! DO THEY??????

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