NAPA (KCBS / BCN / AP) – A man was killed on Sunday afternoon in an officer-involved shooting in Napa, the Napa Police Department said Monday.

Napa police were dispatched to the 1400 block of Meek Avenue at the eastern edge of the city around 3 p.m. Sunday to check on the welfare of a potentially suicidal person, police said.

KCBS’ Bob Melrose Reports:

Officers were able to reach the individual, later identified as 60-year-old Richard Steven Poccia, by telephone and convinced him to come out of his house, police said. Then Poccia came outside and began to communicate with officers, police said.

A confrontation somehow began between the potentially-suicidal Poccia and officers, and it culminated with a stun gun being used. He was then shot by officers a few moments later, police said.

A friend, Prentice Steffen, told the Napa Valley Register newspaper that Poccia was a nurse who had been on disability for post-traumatic stress from working years in psychiatric hospitals.

Witnesses said Poccia appeared to have his hands up and they heard only one shot fired.

No other injuries were reported from the incident.

The case was being investigated by the Napa County Sheriff’s Department under the guidelines of the county’s officer-involved shooting protocol, police said.

The involved officers were placed on administrative leave in accordance with standard operating procedure, police said.

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Comments (10)
  1. Slee Stak says:

    “A confrontation somehow began between the potentially suicidal person and officers, and it culminated with the individual being Tased and then shot by officers, police said.”

    hmmmmm. you don’t say.

    cops will NEVER try to diffuse a situation they can escalate.
    If they can’t arrest you, give you a ticket, or shoot your dog, they’ll shoot YOU.

  2. Jimmy says:

    Want to commit suicide? Haven’t the courage to do it yourself? Call the police for assistance — they’re killers.

  3. Meryl says:

    The police involved were absolutely INCOMPETENT to deal with the situation… ‘worked many years with the mentally ill… been in much worse situations… NEVER HAD TO KILL ANYBODY.

  4. wow says:

    Ya Meryl you have never had a confrontation that was life threatening either. Wake up you prude. Let him kill one of them and then it will be ok right.

  5. wow says:

    Jimmy. Who will you call when you are being attacked and robbed? The police. Big tough guy blogger you are. I bet you have never been involved in a violent confrontation before, have you. Coward. HIde behind your touch words.

    1. Workerbee says:

      Hi Wow.
      I myself have been involved in many life threatening and even fully fight for your life situations. I have never been saved by the Police and I have seen many instances where Police use extreme measures of force due to mood, fear, stress, etc.
      There is no doubt that their job is a hard one and it is easy to armchair quarterback than it is to do their job.

      That said Police should be especially held accountable for their actions. They have incredible amounts of power…so they should be held to incredible standards of behavior and responsibility. In this society of the publics supposed, “need for safety” at every turn and hiring large staffs of police and government agents to watch over us we are losing sight of what it means to live in a free society. Freedom also means the chance to make mistakes, fail, fall down, get hurt, and so on. Giving officers paid leave as a result of shootings and other possible lawlessness,(not saying all shootings are lawless), and using the office to treat themselves to a different set of laws than the rest of us is criminal and does a lot to tell the citizenry that they are not to be trusted.

      Hold them accountable and to a set of standards that any other business which held such powers would hold their employees to and we the public in general might have more respect for this important public service and office.

      Remember they are supposed to be public servants. Serving us the citizenry and accountable to us the citizenry

      From this particular news report it is impossible to determine what exactly happened.
      I just love hearing from people who challenge others from behind their computer screens.
      I have defended my own life 6 times in hand to hand combat where the result was life or death.
      I lost one time and died. I was lucky enough to be brought back and after many months of recuperation am back at it again.
      In all of those situations Police never helped. Of course it wasn’t the type of situation where they were able to be around anyway. but there have been several cases in my life when I needed help and it was not provided even though they were asked. I even watched my mother attacked when I was 8. I ran 3 blocks to the police for help and they waited until it was over. Came, took a look around, left and never did anything about it. It turns out that the attacker was the nephew of one of the officers on the force.

      Good life to you.

  6. jon says:

    Details are sketchy and few, and the media usually reports incorrect information as we all should be used to by now. let’s wait for more accurate info before drawing conclusions on who should be blamed for the death of a suicidal person

  7. Shirley says:

    What makes you think he was going to kill someone.. he had no weapon. He was mentally Ill….. So that means he is a killer…. Don’t think so Prude.

  8. Slee Stak says:

    workerbee – – –

    but it’s SO MUCH EASIER to just shoot.

    because it’s SOOOO HARD and SOOOOO STRESSFUL being a cop.

    I too, as a victim, have had need for police assistance.
    One literally REFUSED to even take a report – he assumed it was “gay domestic violence” and was a “civil matter. Ummmmm. I’m not gay and there was nothing “domestic” about the situation.
    On another occasion a report was taken, but more attention was paid to the fact that I refused to give him my social security number than to the description of the assailant.

    I have learned- it’s just not worth the grief to call the cops.
    you have a bigger chance of them shooting you, than actually getting resolution of the incident.

    now I carry a big walking stick and a can of bear repellant.
    I don’t need the police, they’ve been completely worthless thus far, why should I believe it will be any different ever again?

    You try to thump me – you better believe I’m gonna fight back myself, and if there’s anything left of you- maybe the police will help y o u …

  9. Concerned Napa resident says:

    The American justice system at work..if the cops dont get you the courts will. I was recently assaulted and the person responsible was charged and taken to court. I wasnt too badly hurt, lots of cuts and bruising. but the jury gave a verdict of not guilty due to the fact that i wasnt injured enough..I near fell over laughing. An assault is an assault no matter how sever the injuries. I found it ridiculous..and this case can now be used for anyone to go out and assault someone, but just make sure the injuries are not sever..just a,load of cuts and bruises should do I have no faith in the justice system at all now and for this incident..i believe that with all the training police officers ge that this couldn’t be handled with a little more tact. Knock the guy unconscious if necessary, but Jesus..tazer him and then shot the guy dead..that’s ludicrous..just got to remember not to get into a domestic with the wife when i feel depressed and suicidal. After all..depression and mental illness is a disease. I used to have respect for the Napa police dept not sure about that now..i would be scared to hell to call them for help.

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