SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) – Dozens of San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Drivers aren’t actually allowed to get behind the wheel – a major expense for an agency that has been losing money and cutting services.

Some workers have health issues, such as high blood pressure, that have caused them to lose their Class-B licenses. Other Muni operators failed to renew on time, or lost a license because of a DUI. Those drivers are not getting paid or driving a route, but medical and retirement benefits continue while on leave, to the tune of up to $12,000-a-year per-person.

The absent drivers also results in unstaffed bus runs on the schedule, which means longer wait times for riders. Additionally, Muni officials admit that they are behind on hiring for 80 open positions. Officials are still trying to restore some services that were cut because of budget problems.

Muni’s own records show that at least three of the unlicensed drivers have been on leave since 2008, and another 20 since last year.

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  1. Loren says:

    “Absent derivers?” You need a proofreader.

    So Muni can’t fire people who can’t work, and can’t hire people who *can* work?

    No wonder it’s messed up.

  2. jimmy says:

    I like CBS to do a story on how many illegals are driving without a license, without insurance and why the state is not prosecuting these people.for committing a felony. I have to pay additional money to cover myself if they cause an accident, seems the law abiding are required to support the illegal activities of these people..

    1. jason says:

      I’m confused, where did it say in this story that muni drivers are illegal? I hate MUNI with a passion but am wondering if jimmy is from Fox news.

  3. tpp says:

    On leave since 2008 (with pay?)…what an outrage. What other occupation pays you for sitting home for 2 years? And we continue to pay high prices for terrible service. See what unions do for ya?

  4. rex says:

    I too would like to see a story to tell the truth about ILLEGAL ALIENS and their part in straiining our economy when ILLEGAL ALIEN PREGNANT MOTHERS come here for their FREE births to their “automatic citizen babies” because our COWARDLY POLITICIANS REFUSE to revise the 14th Amendment.

    Then, they also get WIC, food stamps, housing, lawyer services, language services and FREE school (including FREE breakfasts and lunches) and in some cases, the DREAM ACT.

    DREAM ACT: This is where ILLEGAL ALIIENS get the CHEAPER (in-state college rates) whereas any LEGAL CITIZEN moving to another state has to pay the HIGHER (out-of-state college rates).

    E-VERIFY: Force EVERY employer to use it and harslhly penalize any employer caught with an Illegal Alien employee.

    NUMBERS USA: This is an excellent ANTI Illegal-alien website with excellent petiticians and frequent updates on any PRO-Illegal alien move such as the latest LAME-DUCK CONGRESS that is actively seeking the DREAM ACT.

    SANCTUARY CITY: Doesn’t S.F. have Sanctuary City status? And thanks to the dummies of CA, Gary Newsom has now risen higher in the ranks.

    BANKSTERS-FEDERAL RESERVE: When will these BANKSTERS be thoroughly punished and be put in jail with MADOFF where they rightfully belong? And why won’t the American citizens rise up and demand justice and accountability when it comes to these BANKSTERS who DELIBERATELY caused the HOUSING BUBBLE and DERIVATIVES FIASCO?

    Why can’t the American people get just as excited about these BANKSTERS as they can about BLACK FRIDAY or the arrival of the latest gadget or another sports game? I just don’t get why they aren’t as excited….Oh well, maybe, they will when there is a demand for AUSTERITY when it comes to the American people and they realize that it’s NOT the BANKSTERS (who deliberately caused this MASSIVE ROBBERY of the USA) or any politicians who were complicit to the BANKSTER CRIMES (by passing the BAILOUTS twice WITHOUT reading the bills-loaded with earmarks-BOTH PARTIES) who are going to be living the AUSTERITY lifestyle.

    1. Bush says:

      Really duder? I think it’s time you move south. If you hate California so much and our country so much why do you bother living here?

      If you really have this much time on your hands to write a novel i’m assuming you are either unemployed or enraged and single.

  5. rex says:

    ILLEGAL ALIENS are also considered above the law when (NAPOLITANO) refuses to secure our borders or enforces our immigration laws.

    NAPOLITANO also let the UNDIE bomber on the plane WITHOUT a passport and apparently his father called TSA to say that his son was a problem but the TSA still allowed him on.

    Then CHERTOFF also followed NAPOLITANO’s behavior of complete FAILURE to secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws and now we have RAPISCAN strip-search machines and-or fondling (enhanced pat-downs) by TSA.

    Remember that WE, THE CITIZENS are the targets and ILLEGAL ALIENS are the ones who are completely ignored and because TRAVELERS did NOT protest during their travels, expect the F.A.S.T. machines to also pop up alll over the place (at malls, stadiums or other public facilities).

    In the meantime, our borders are still WIDE-OPEN SEIVES and ILLEGAL ALIENS are still here (with complete impunity and are rewarded for their behavior).

    NAU (NORTH AMERICAN UNION)-the plan to merge: Canada, the USA and Mexico together. SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership)-closely mirrors the NAU plan.

    Remember all this when the mayors say their cities are broke. The same applies to governors across this nation and then finally to the federal level who REFUSED to secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws!

    1. Nader says:

      Dear REX,

      Have you tried or Grinder? You really need to let some steam off. Marry Christmas!

    2. jon says:

      Rex, what can the people do about any of the issues you’ve listed? U think a protest or an angry letter to a congressman will change anything? When was the last time our politicians did anything to help the working class of this country? This country has been bought out and run by corporate billionaires, decades ago. Billionaires don’t care about anything u listed, except the bank bailout that they pocketed. America is a country of sheep, owned by pigs and run by wolves, and will be till the day society ends

  6. ex muni ee says:

    5 years ago, as HR analyst at MUNI, I thoroughly researched/proposed a plan to more efficiently manage Driver License oversight process for MUNI Operators. The plan I developed, to work directly online w/ State DMV offices, was met w/ derision and not implemented; they were wedded to an archaic, hugely inefficient paper -heavy process that kept a large # of ‘non-driving’ status drivers busy, opening up all duplicate copies of large DMV envelopes, faxing, filing, etc; (at full operator pay + benefits) work that could have been done by a small team of HR/clerical staff (making considerably less to do the same work). I was finally forced to leave my position, I became so ill from the stress.

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