SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — With unemployment climbing toward 10 percent nationwide, and California’s rate already over 12 percent, it’s no wonder job applicants are a little desperate.

According to career counselor Marty Nemko, it’s not a good idea to let potential employers see that.

According to Nemko, that negative attitude might give them the impression that if you’re desperate then you’re not that good and that you’d probably already be hired if you were.

Although we know that plenty of good people haven’t been hired yet in this economy, Nemko said this sort of reaction to is part of human nature.

“In dating we do the same thing,” equated Nemko.

KCBS’ Janice Wright Reports:

Sad but true, we tend to wonder with the over eager date, what’s wrong with that person.

But, how do we not act desperate, when we don’t know where the next mortgage payment or rent check is coming from? Nemko said it helps to think of yourself in a better time.

“Pretend when you’re going into that job interview that you at the moment in your life when you were the most confident and be that person,” said Nemko.

Can’t dredge that up? Imagine you’re a favorite, confident TV star and to even get that interview, Nemko said you need to be assertive and reach out to anyone and everyone you know who might help.

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