SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — A statewide ballot proposition, which would have shored up California’s crumbling state parks, failed at the polls in November.

Proposition 21 would have increased the vehicle license fee to pay for parks.

“Everyone with non-commercial vehicles would have paid $18 per vehicle,” said Greg Zelder with the California Parks Foundation. “And that would have raised about $500 million to fully fund state parks.”

KCBS’ Patti Reising Reports:

But supporters haven’t given up the fight, as they have now turned to an online donation drive in an effort to raise cash.

Zelder said those who are still inclined can pay the $18 in the form of a donation to the foundation. He said it started small, on social networking sites after the election.

“It’s really been a grassroots, from the bottom up fundraising campaign,” said Zelder.

The California Parks Foundation set up a page on its website and has taken in $50,000 so far. By law, the money can’t be used to fill positions, so it won’t be able to hire some off those laid off rangers and lifeguards.

Zelder said donations will help the foundation train volunteers to do maintenance at the parks and advocate for a long-term solution.

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Comments (5)
  1. Ray says:

    Proposition 21said the fee was to “help” fund State Parks and Wildlife Programs. It didn’t say anything about a separated government ransoming our public parks by threat of closure. Feigning fiscal-prudence and using it as an excuse to deny public access to our own parks, is a forerunner to selling them. There are good reasons why we’ve come to mistrust our confused, irresponsible leaders.

  2. Jen Wood says:

    What did you think it meant by “help?” Did you research the proposition to see what the money would have been used for? How do you expect California (Which is CLEARLY broke) to be able to keep parks open when they can’t pay people to work there, road upkeep etc. Without the prop money, there is nothing.

  3. Ray says:

    Yes, that’s my point exactly..Youo can delude the public any way ypu want, but the point is, we’re left to struggle with the wrongful
    “Effects” of the problem, while the “Cause” goes on uncorrected.. The Parks are just another victim in a long line of enept actions.
    A most devastating example is, for generations our “leaders”, fed to local, have kept Americans ignorant of how to convey the founding principles of American Freedom. This is the cause of all America’s problems. In America, there’s no national curriculum teaching Americans how to convey the Principles of Freedom.
    Politicians deny Americans the knowledge to convey their own Freedom. Not conveying its principles precludes freedom. By not teaching Americans how to convey America’s founding principles, our “leaders” betray American citizens by serving despotism. There is no American duty to subjugate our freedom.
    Our current politicians refuse to provide any method of education to teach Americans how to convey the founding principles of American Freedom. Since we only reap what we sow, we can’t perpetuate American freedom without personally conveying its fundamental principles. We’re not even encouraged to know them.
    In America, when government refuses to secure the God given, inalienable Rights of the American People it causes separation and a reversal of roles. Now, the People are forced to serve a government, with their lives and livelihoods, instead of serving their God given Rights and the founding principles of American Freedom. To correct a wrongful effect one must first correct its cause.

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