KNIGHTSEN (CBS) — On Saturday an adult female sea lion was captured miles from the water in Knightsen, a community in eastern Contra Costa County.

Animal rescuers are very familiar with the 100-plus pound mammal. The sea lion first came to animal welfare officials back in May in Santa Cruz, as she was sick after giving birth to a pup.

“She was suffering from domoic acid poisoning,” said Jim Oswald with the Marine Mammal Center in Marin. “It’s a toxic algae poisoning and it ultimately causes disorientation.”

She was rescued again in Santa Cruz in July, healed for a month and was then released at Point Reyes.

KCBS’ Tim Ryan Reports:


Oswald said they are still unsure of exactly what to do with the creature.

“If we don’t think that an animal can survive on its own out in the wild, than the humane thing is not to put it back out in the wild, where it will suffer again,” Oswald said. “In the cases of domoic acid poisoning that is chronic, it’s really hard to treat that and sometimes those effects are just not reversible.”

The sea lion was found on the Knightsen Elementary School campus near the school’s gymnasium.

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