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Bay Area Democratic Leaders Criticize Obama’s Tax Deal

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) _ Democratic outrage is building, especially for Bay Area congressional leaders, over the president’s deal to extend the Bush tax cuts for the preservation of unemployment benefits.

Among the local House members, few said that they would be supporting the deal between President Obama and Republicans.

KCBS’ Holly Quan Reports :

Despite the 400,000 unemployed Californians that will see the continuation of their jobless benefits, Fremont Congressman Pete Stark said the deal wasn’t worth it.

“I don’t know why he [Obama] feels so adamant that he has to have a deal. I would like to see a fight there. I’d like to see a little strident progressivism that we all thought we were getting,” complained Stark.

Oakland Democrat Barbara Lee argued it was the Bush-era tax cuts that sparked the downward financial spiral.

“We’re talking about trillions of dollars. We’re talking about digging ourselves deeper into the hole in terms of the deficit,” said Lee.

Peninsula Congresswoman Jackie Speier agreed, calling what the president did “a capitulation, not a compromise” and said this deal is bigger than the bank bailout and “puts us deeper in debt.”

“I think we have to ask ourselves, are we willing to place this burden on our children and their children, or are we willing to suck up and do the right thing?” Speier questioned rhetorically.

North Bay representative Lynn Woolsey doesn’t like the deal, but said the more the Democrats fight the plan, the worse it will be for the hundreds of thousands of Californians that rely on monthly benefits.

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  • Big G

    Another 3 career policitican who have wasted untold taxpayers money & they want to complain. The progressive liberal agenda was smashed over the past election. The Amercian people spoke & you guys got creamed & instead of changing & representing all of Americans, you rewarded Pelosi for her butt whupping. This will set the Demorcratic party back another 20 years!!!!

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