Berkeley Considers Honoring Private Suspected In WikiLeaks Case

BERKELEY (AP) — Berkeley City Council members are considering a resolution that would declare the Army private suspected of leaking classified information to WikiLeaks a hero and call for his release.

The council is expected to vote on the resolution in support of Pfc. Bradley Manning, who is being held in a military brig, on Tuesday.

It has already been approved by the city’s Peace and Justice Commission.

Bob Meola, the peace and justice commissioner who authored the resolution, tells the San Francisco Chronicle that Manning is a patriot and should get a medal.

But Commissioner Thyme Siegel who voted against the resolution said it is premature because the effects of the disclosures are not yet clear.

Federal officials have said such leaks could endanger lives.

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  • Chris B

    Are you kidding?!? These council members should be charged with treason along with Manning. What are you thinking?

  • jpc

    Since when does espionage for titillation purposes qualify as heroic?

  • CMV

    only in Berkeley.

  • Michael

    You have to be freaking kidding me! What a bunch of anti-American jerks on the Berkeley City Council! If this goes through, the Feds should cut off any and all federal funding to the city. This is just too way over the top!

  • Summer Pereira

    Unfortunately our government allows people like Pvt Manning to get away with these types of wrong doinings, that is why he did it. He knew he really could not be punished for it. Plus, he probably knows someone that will take care of him and get him out of trouble that works with in the government/military.

    • Dennis I

      In fact he knew that he could be punished under the UCMJ. I assume he is now reflecting on his new found status in the USMC brig at Quantico.

  • dw

    Berzerkeley City Council does not care that such leaks could endanger lives. At least Commissioner Thyme Siegel has the sense to vote against the resolution that would honor a criminal and a traitor.

    • FourFather

      Endagering lives? It was the US Govt that endangered these peoples lives. Thank god for whilstlblowers.

      I really love when people doing bad things, then blame the person who outed them.

      Way to stand up to your actions, Americants.

    • Phil E. Drifter

      What lives have been endangered? Has anyone been killed because of information released by Wikileaks?

      • Ron Moses

        The release of hundreds of sensitive diplomatic cables makes the task of global diplomacy exponentially more difficult, if possible at all. Remember that next time you’re complaining about not giving diplomacy a chance before sending in the troops. *That’s* where you will see the loss of life related to these leaks.

      • Joe

        Statements from the pentagon say NOPE no one has.

      • Ron Moses

        Let’s let Assange himself answer that question:

        The leak exposed massive corruption by Daniel Arap Moi, and the Kenyan people sat up and took notice. In the ensuing elections, in which corruption became a major issue, violence swept the country. “1,300 people were eventually killed, and 350,000 were displaced. That was a result of our leak,” says Assange.

        Read the whole article. It’s very revealing as to just how cavalier this man is about endangering human life.


      • jo smith

        You have no idea what assets have been compromised and what consequences have been paid as a result. We’re watching BO OX

  • EMR

    I’ve been voting against these jackwagons ever since I moved to Berkeley. I feel like I am shouting into a wind tunnel. Environmentalism, yes. Recycling, yes. Supportive of small business by keeping big box stores out, yes. Political grandstanding, no.

  • boris

    He’s an enemy combatant and should be dealt with accordingly.

  • Bob

    I’m reminded of this. I saw it on a postcard. about 15 years ago.

  • Dusrtvet

    Pfc. Bradley Manning needs to be taken out and shot!

    • Githa

      J8wEwF Very true! Makes a change to see someone spell it out like that. :)

  • CA H8r

    In a surprising turn of events Berkeley reaffirms that they have no idea how the world works. Mystified by the military structure in America they immediately handed out medals and confirmed that California is the Florida of the west coast.

  • tcp

    “He knew he really could not be punished for it.” Really? I think he’s likely to be thrown in jail for the rest of his life.

  • Capt CM

    There was a time when we were the GOOD GUYS. When murdering civilians, shooting children in a van, behaving like reprobates and thugs was NOT what we did.
    Torture, terror, murder, random killings, careless weapons fire, all these things were the things the bad guys did. We could stand proudly and know we were better than them.
    We have forgotten that and the idiots who post here that he is a traitor and should be shot are as anti-American as they could be.
    We are NOT about random murder. We are NOT about being the local thugs and killers. It is easy to forget that because you are ordered to forget that, but, it is still not true, it is still not OUR way.
    Did he break the law, yes he did. Did he do it for personal gain, no he did not. There is a far bigger issue at play though.
    We need to stop looking at the wikileaks issue as a series of political positions and instead look at them and say “We have failed morally here. We have done wrong, we must and will do better. WE WILL GO BACK TO BEING THE GOOD GUYS!”

    • aelfheld

      So if I kill you and your family but gain nothing from it personally that makes it okay?

    • Ron Moses

      When exactly was that time, Captain? Vietnam? Korea? Maybe the Japanese internment camps during WW2? I’m looking back through our nation’s history and I’m not seeing what time you’re referring to. Come to think of it, I’m not finding that time in ANY nation’s history.

  • Overtaxed

    There was a time when we were the GOOD GUYS. When murdering civilians, shooting children in a van, behaving like reprobates and thugs was NOT what we did.

    No there wasn’t. We do what we have to do to survive as a nation and always have. Deal with it, Nancy.

  • Xenotoxin

    For once Berkeley actually may do something relevant. The sheer weight of lies, deceit, and heinous actions up to and including extra-judicial murder US citizens, necessitates actions on the part of all constitution supporting persons to do whatever one can to overthrow the entrenched corrupted elites that consistently hold power with no regard for elections.

    • Ron Moses

      “…to do whatever one can to overthrow the entrenched corrupted elites that consistently hold power with no regard for elections”

      Umm… we just held elections last month and kicked out a whole bunch of those entrenched corrupt elites. So what are you talking about?

      • Xenotoxin

        Attempting to be disingenuous, or do you really believe that mere “party affiliation” actually signifies? The entrenched power elites (Judiciary, high-level civil service, etc. ) do not change with the whim of the bread-and-circuses faux elections of our current kleptocracy.

  • cynicalcynic

    Indeed he should be executed, along with all the people of California. Every man woman and child! We all know that California is a den of terrorists and everyone knows that everyone who doesn’t agree with me isn’t human. We will be the good guys again! If we kill everyone who disagrees with us then it will become true. So all you true red blooded Americans start shooting everyone who even thinks of disagreeing with you!

    The amount people who believe that show me that there is no hope here anymore.

    • aelfheld


      Let’s start with you.

  • JohnnyT

    I’d just like to say that anyone who thinks this man should be shot is no better than a Fascist!! While i don’t think he should go to prison, i get why some think he should. But to say he should be tried for treason and killed is absolutely absurd! It seems like you people have chosen to ignore the blatant lies and crimes committed by our own country and have chosen to blindly follow.
    – Overtaxed: Let me guess, you would have no problem if the government decided to commit genocide just so long as they said it was for “national security”. Hell you”d probably agree with the first part of what cynicalcynic said. But if the government so much as says that’s wrong you throw a fit? How about you just shut the hell up and go back to hiding under your rock, you hypocritical prick. Yeah the government has never been the shining beacon of light that it claims to be. But that doesn’t mean we should allow the government to lie to it’s citizens. This Private has only shown us the tip of the iceberg. I’m pretty sure the Founding Fathers would be rolling in their graves if they saw what they’re country has become.

    • SFC G.K.Dowden U.S.M.C.

      If you are familiar w/ the the Uniform Code of Military Justice he has indeed committed high treason in accordance with the Espionage Act of 1917 (USC 18, Pt 1, Ch 37) specifically This article “To convey information with intent to interfere with the operation or success of the armed forces of the United States or to promote the success of its enemies. This was punishable by death or by imprisonment for not more than 30 years or both.” He has yet to be tried but if he supplied the information they believe he did then he is endangering the lives of troops all over the world. Not just the U.S.As’ but our allies as well. You truly have your head up your butt on this issue. It’s painfully clear that you have never served in the military or have any true comprehension at how delicately this world is balanced and who is currently doing the balancing.

  • aelfheld

    Berkeley wants all the benefits of being part of the United States of America, but none of the responsibility.

    • SlimT

      A single member of the Berkeley City Council does not reflect the views of the entire community. Most City Council’s are made up of morons. Who else would want the job? IBerkeley is a great, beautiful city. Ever been there?

      • bradleymanning traitortotheusa

        There is nothing special about Berkeley execpy UCB. Other than UCB, it’s just like any other city. dirty low lifes and streets that smell like urine.

  • BNLight

    As a former P&J Commissioner, I am deeply disappointed by their vote.

  • Jim Strathmeyer

    You guys need to know that wishing harm upon this man readily identifies you as a Facist.

    • Ron Moses

      Unlawful harm, yes. I agree with you there. No need to break out the pitchforks. However, the clearly-defined penalty for treason during a time of war is death. I do wish to see justice done in this case. If that means I wish him harm, and if that by extension makes me a fascist, then I guess I’m a fascist.

  • Mikhail

    Great! I am proud that Berkeley saved its free speech tradition and started a protest from within the US against its criminal military! Bradley Manning is a hero, his information will stop crimes and save thousands of lives. If it puts lives of military criminals at risk, they deserve it.

    • WM Bates

      Spoken like a true teenager with a joint in your mouth. Someday you might be educated enough to realize how ridiculously idiotic your statement is. Until then, smoke away. I’d rather you sit in a corner and get high… at least you’re out of the way of any sort of responsibility.

    • manwithoutastar

      It will also put the lives of non military people (civilians) at risk. It is people like you that weaken the US and make us the laughing stock of the world.

  • Freddy Taylor

    I am a liberal Democrat and I think the Berkeley City Council member is an idiot for proposing such a thing. Berkeley is a fantastic city the is home to the Number One public university in the world, Cal. The actions of a single council member do not reflect the views of the entire city, as Fox News may suggest.


    The guy is a disgrace to the uniform and should rot in jail.

  • WM Bates

    Great job, Berkeley! Let’s just encourage all individuals connected with our country’s national defense to release classified materials. Those nuclear launch codes aren’t worthy of protection. Our troop locations and movements don’t need protecting. The locations and schedules of our nation’s leaders, both administration and military are helpful to us so we can go greet them at any time!

    I handled classified communications when I was in the military and read some things I wish I didn’t have to know. The general public can’t be trusted to obey traffic laws and societal norms without killing each other. And you think the public is better off having all of the secrets this country NEEDS to protect the public from harm?

    Mind you, this is the same group of people that was utterly outraged that something like 9/11 could ever happen on our soil. The majority of the world would love to see that happen here every single day and many will stop at nothing to bring that to reality. But who cares, let’s just tell everyone where our most vulnerable targets are… surely nothing bad could happen and if it did, the government could still wave magic fairy dust over us and make millions of dollars appear in my bank account because I was a “victim”.

    California should be used for nuclear weapons testing, starting with Berkeley’s city hall.

  • bradleymanning traitortotheusa

    BradleyManning Traitortotheusa on Facebook

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