PITTSBURG (BCN) — A 47-year-old Pittsburg woman was in critical condition at a local hospital Wednesday after her car fell on her while she was underneath it trying to repair it, a Pittsburg police lieutenant said.

The woman was driving with her 12-year-old son on Riverview Drive near Lorraine Avenue in Pittsburg around 8:15 a.m. when her car started having trouble.

Apparently the car had a recurring problem, and the woman had come prepared to deal with it, Lt. Brian Addington said.

She stopped, jacked up the car, and put it on some blocks so she could crawl underneath and fix it.

While she was under the car, however, it somehow came off the blocks and pinned her underneath. The weight of the car apparently compressed her chest and prevented her from being able to breathe, Addington said.

A citizen saw what was happening and ran to help.

He was able to jack up the car and pull the woman out, Addington said. By that time, paramedics had arrived and began providing help as well.

The woman was transported to John Muir Medical Center in Concord, where she was listed in critical condition.

It was unknown Wednesday afternoon whether she was expected to survive, Addington said.

The woman’s son was not hurt.

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Comments (5)
  1. Broden says:

    Recurring problem? How about getting it fixed instead of half-arsein it every time it brakes down. Probably a better choice.

  2. JaneQPublic says:

    @ Broden:- Re getting it fixed: Not everyone has money to do that!

    And FYI: it’s BREAKS – not ‘brakes’. (Maybe a dictionary is a better choice for you.)

    I’m wondering if the car slipped because recent rains made the blocks or the ground slippery…..It looks to be parked in a fairly deep puddle.

  3. McD says:

    Get Well SOON Lady ——–
    Broden, thanks for kicking her when she is down……..she REALLY needs that….some folks are NOT rich and can’t afford to repair their cars as needed. How about some support for her instead of the CONSTANT SLAMMING of folks in the Bay Brea……sure gets old everytime someone needs help or support their is ALWAYS some &(($%@ ready to slam them….have a great day Broden…craaap P. S. I love the Brakes down part knowing how perfect YOU are, you really need to be cutting someone else down, you can’t even write correctly

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