SAN JOSE (KCBS) – An adult education program that’s been around for 43 years could soon be the latest victim of the budget ax with the San Jose Unified School District proposing a 67 percent program cut for the Metropolitan Adult Education program in order to save three and a half million dollars.

“This would mean the reduction of services to about 5,000 students,” said Adult Education Superintendent Paul Hay.

KCBS’ Mike Colgan Reports:

He added that 112 employees would be laid off, including 72 teachers.

Isela Guerra who’s studying English as a Second Language said the cuts would be devastating and would affect people from all sorts of backgrounds.

This would be the most drastic budget cut in the 43-year history of the program.

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  1. LQ says:

    This is shortsighted and wrong.

  2. rex says:

    Well, all San Jose cares about are ILLEGAL ALIENS.

    When mayor CHUCK REED, SAM LICCARDO or anyone else bellyaches about the budget, they NEVER EVER mention the roles of:

    1a. ILLEGAL ALIENS and all their services such as FREE: Births, WIC, food stamps, housing, lawyer services, language services and FREE school (including Desayuno y almuerzo GRATIS), and now we have the treasonous DREAM ACT)…Which means that ILLEGAL ALIENS who have NO right to be here will be getting the CHEAPER (in-state college rates) whereas any LEGAL CITIZEN moving to another state will be forced to pay the HIGHER (out-of-state college rates) …..While Dems are complaining about taxes, they think nothing about our taxes going up to pay for this (of course the Republicans complied with the DREAM ACT as well).

    1b: San Jose also holds huge bashes for FOREIGN, MEXICAN holidays such as CINCO de MAYO and the MEXICAN Independence Day in September and other various “Multicultural events,” but has refused to fund the U.S.A., July 4th Indepence Day now for 2 years and they also canceled TAPESTRY N’ TALENT (for crafters who still actually still make: MADE IN THE USA), due to the broken- record exuse of “We’re broke.”

    1c. Oh yea, I forgot to mention that SAN JOSE also has plenty of money for MAY DAY, AMNESTY-DREAM ACT marches by ILLEGAL ALIENS and their supporters while our “Police” watch this with their thumbs up their rears and we have a “Homeland Insecurity” office on Monterey Road that ignored these ILLEGAL ALIEN marches as well.

    “In the shadows,” my foot and Homeland “Insecurity” can also look at just about any Denny’s or restaurant like that that typically has Mexican, Spanish-speaking workers, (probably ILLEGALLY here) and find the SPANISH RAGS of: El Observador and La Oferta and sometimes El Advisador and…they can just about go to any HOME DEPOT and other home improvement stores and find ILLEGAL ALIENS hanging around.

    1d: Think about this ILLEGAL ALIEN situation and NAPOLITANO of Homeland “Insecurity” and TSA…NAPOLITANO just recently praised the passage of the DREAM ACT: Knowing that this will encourage MORE Illegal Alien immigration.

    NAPOLITANO also refuses to enforce our Immigration laws and still leaves our BORDERS as WIDE-OPEN SEIVES.

    Think about that every time you go through the airports where TSA treats you like CATTLE and your’re going through CHERTOFF’s Rapiscan strip-search machines and-or undergo molestative pat-downs and remember: CHERTOFF like NAPOLITANO refused to enforce our immigration laws and left our Borders WIDE OPEN as well.

    2. BANKSTERS (who deliberately trashed our economy by deliberately causing the Housing Bubble and the DERIVATIVES Fiasco and the BANKSTERS are still ata it with QE2.

    3. Just about everything is MADE IN CHINA, etc, but just everywhere except in the USA. The reason? These disasterous Trade laws of:
    NAFTA (N. American Free Trade Agreement)
    CAFTA (Central American Free Trade Agreement)
    GATT (General Agreement on Trade-Tarriffs)
    WTO (World Trade Organization).

    Q: Did the cowards and “Non-representatives” of BOTH PARTIES do anything to end these trade laws? Nooooo, they expanded with a KOREAN Free Trade Agreement! The situation is so bad, we don’t even make our own thread anymore and please look at the labels in any store, NOT just WALMART! Look at the labels in any store! You will find that most things are MADE IN: China, India, Vietnam, Mexico, Honduras, etc.

    Finally, SAN JOSE is just a symptom and segment of the MASSIVE CORRPUPTION in just about EVERY city and state across this nation and it’s even worse at the FEDERAL Level. I don’t know what can be done anymore.

    The citizenry adamately and stubbornly cling to the FALSE R-L Poliitical Party Paradigm and they continually vote for people who do NOT represent them, but instead serve their GLOBAL BANKSTERS and CORPORATIONS (using ILLEGAL ALIENS as tools to help further their cause) to break down our borders, disrupt cohesion of our nation and drive down wages. Of course, MASSIVE immigration furthers this cause as well as the Corporations who offshore and hire VISA workers and our government keeps inviting in more people (who refuse to speak English) and our Government and businesses insist on these people NOT fitting in by catering to them in THEIR languages and THEIR cultures.

    I think the U.S.A.’s goose is cooked and we’re just about done as a nation.

    The elites counted on the APATHY and COMPLACENCY of the USA citizens and the USA citizens (thanks especially to the Mainstream Media Misinfo campaign) and the various distractions were lulled into complying with the elites plans and here we are.

  3. adult says:

    hey admin nice your site and it is topic my learnend yor iddea very thans good day

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