LOS ANGELES (AP) – California is getting another $624 million in high-speed rail money from the federal government.

The Department of Transportation said Thursday the state is getting the largest share of the $1.2 billion in high-speed rail funding being diverted from Ohio and Wisconsin to other states.

KCBS’ Holly Quan Reports:

Both Ohio and Wisconsin have elected Republican governors opposed to the rail projects.

In all, California has been awarded about $3.2 billion in federal funding to build an estimated $43 billion bullet train system. Last week, California High-Speed Rail Authority officials agreed to build the initial segment in the Central Valley.

The authority’s deputy director said the latest round of funding shows the federal government has confidence in the project.

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Comments (8)
  1. Joe Black says:

    California has $624 million for high-speed rail, but no money to fix the streets.

  2. Juan Pardell says:

    Republican governors don’t want high-speed rail because they’re financially owned by the oil/gas company barons who want us to remain in our cars so that we keep paying for higher prices at the pump.

    1. davey says:

      All the Democrat are own by the unions. Enjoy paying for their pension and benefits. You owe them for life.

      1. Rt in Danville says:

        Davey, you are a joke. My family members are all part of the union. Teachers, Police, Plumbers, Pro Athlete, Journalist. And by the way….we’re all Republicans. Get off your mothers couch, stop blaming others for your miserable life.

  3. Steve says:

    I heard our High-Speed Rail will be built in China. Why can’t we build out own train here in America? Does everything we use have to be built in China? We need jobs here at home in America. Our politicians should realize they should support America, not China. China is not our friend…………..

  4. jay says:

    it takes too long and too much money to do anything in the US. they should start contracting companies from England or French or even from China. They definitely do much better job and in less money and time. I already lost trust on the US gov lot time ago.

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