Fresno-Area High School Wrestler Faces Trial Over ‘Butt Drag’ Move

FRESNO (AP) — The trial has been pushed back for a Central California high school wrestler charged with the sexual battery of an opponent during a practice match.

Defense lawyer Stephen Quade told the Fresno Bee that his 17-year-old client is now scheduled to go to trial on Jan. 13 in juvenile court. The trial had been set to start Thursday.

Clovis police say the boy is accused of ramming his fingers into the rectum of his opponent during a July practice, but Quade argues he used a legitimate move called the “butt drag.” Quade said the move is commonly used in wrestling.

Prosecutors had offered to dismiss the case if the teen stayed out of trouble for several months, but Quade said his client would reject the deal because he didn’t do anything wrong.

On Thursday, the judge placed a gag order on the case.

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  • McD

    Why does this stupoid CBS thing have a comment section when they will NOT publish what we write…..what happened to free speech??????….Anyway what I wanted to write was this….that dude would pull back his arm and find it missing from his elbow if he would have tried that on me…….how STINKING (literally stinking) gross can these kids get??????

    • Jahnke

      Learn what freedom of speech is before you complain about it.

  • McD

    stupoid is a new word I just made up, actually I am in shock over reading about this and my fingers won’t obey me……

    • Oklahoma wrestling

      I bet you would not last 10 minutes with that kid much less rip his arm off tough guy.
      Oklahoma Wrestler.

      • Jahnke

        Learn how to figure out who made a comment before you attack an innocent person.

      • Jahnke

        Oh, Oklahoma product … figures.

      • Oklahoma alternative lifestyles

        Wrestling is pretty much gay sex anyway isn’t it?

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  • tn

    “Butt drag?” or Butt snag? Either way, I think it smells, or stinks. How can something like this end this way? Unless the wrestler actually said he intended to violate his opponent, there’s no proof in the pudding. Either that, or he’s all thumbs. It’s sad that kids competing in sports, are being sidetracked when an sue-happy attorney rears its ugly head and slaps another student and its school in the rear. Butt the worse thing is that as the holidays near, this year just had to end this way. Literally.

    • speedstan

      [Unless the wrestler actually said he intended to violate his opponent, there’s no proof in the pudding.] – Unless you find fingerprints…

    • Joshua Robert Munyan

      i just wasted 24 seconds of my life reading your comment…and another 20 writing this

  • tn

    And on the same note, have you noticed the right side of your landing page screen, under the “SF Bay Area Guides” column (just shift your eyes a crack, to the right) there is an advertisement for the best fudge? Yuck!

    • AuntieTaqiyya

      Lord, butt (pun intended) I love your double entendres: “…shift your eyes a crack…” Thanks for the levity!

    • AL

      LOL…thank you

  • joe

  • sam donovan

    Why is it always California?

    • daryl

      LEFT COAST. Where everyone is a VICTIM

      • Robea

        Or a wannabe perpetrator.

      • Joshua Robert Munyan

        haha yes!

  • crass

    The Butt Snag is a little known move that
    we can do together
    Butt Snag, baby
    (Butt Snag Baby!)

  • Daryl

    Oh PLEEEEEZ!!!
    By participating in wrestling…you accept the possibility of someone grabbing you wherever and however to gain leverage and spuerior position on you. QUIT YOUR WHINING YOU LOSER!!!!

  • Nancy Pelosid

    Just another reason why California should be cast out to sea never to return.

    • undrgrndgirl

      butt then what will you welfare red staters do without the federal aid $$ taken from california tax payers?

  • You-Must Be-Kidding

    He was going to do the Weenie roast, but he did not have a lighter with him during the practice. He has a glowing career as a TSA agent.

    • JIm

      TSA comment too funny.

  • lmao

    Did he at least buy him dinner and take him to a movie before he violated him?

  • strategery

    The other wrestler should have moaned and grabbed his hand.

  • Steve

    Wow, so many bitter men here sticking up for this kid’s right to shove his fingers up another guy’s rectum during a sporting match. If someone had done that to my kid, I can’t begin to tell you what I would shove and where I would shove it. Whatever happened to competing fair and square for the sake of the competition instead of pulling dirty moves like that for the sake of winning at all cost?

    • dude dudeson

      I guess that makes you a whiner and a loser. No one is bitter. Let them take it to court and prove it.

    • Adrienne White

      Well, here’s a not-bitter woman chiming in and I say the move is common and legitimate. You can’t tell me a high-school wrestler, even a freshman one, has made it this far through the season, with all the practices and everything, and he didn’t know how to use this move, or had never used it himself. Maybe during the match, the 14 year old was grabbed rough. I’m sorry if he felt injured, but he was not sexually violated.

      • Adrienne White

        I meant to say “you can’t tell me that the 14 year old didn’t know how to use the move or never had it used against him.”

      • Boetica

        I’ve talked to wrestlers who have never heard of such a thing. It is inappropriate, unhealthy, and just plain disgusting.

      • yeowch

        So- If I do this to you-it’s okay,then? I am guessing you like the brown eye, huh?

    • JonSE

      You would not do anything. The kid would whip you old, out-of-shape butt. Crocodile mouth and hummingbird ass.

    • Rick

      When your kid signed up for the sport, they signed a waiver saying that they would hold no one responsible for injury, not to mention the fact that the butt drag isn’t a “dirty move”. It is a move taught from pee-wee wrestling through college. When kids first learn the butt drag, their ears perk up and they realize that they I do not want to get in a position to allow it to be used on them. “Winning at all cost?”, hardly. Typical move.

      Former HS and College All-American Wrestler

    • Gage

      R u kidding me a butt drag is a totally legal move it is fair. Obviously the kid has a will to win and will do anything to achieve that look it up it’s called determination.

  • susie q

    This is insane. I have two teenage boys who have been wrestling for many years. They get grabbed in the crotch, poked in the eyes, scratched, flipped, bruised, have had bloody noses, and I have seen a number of more serious injuries at meets and tournaments…. it happens, and it goes with the sport. The opponents are tough, and the good ones have no mercy.
    If you can’t take the heat — get out of the kitchen.
    I feel badly for the 17 year old whose high school days are ruined because of one wimpy kid and his enabling father.

    • Candy

      Exactly, this is what happens in wrestling!

      • Boetica

        Boys sticking their fingers up other boys rectums? I hope they have hand sanitizer off the mat………..

    • derdagian1

      Bingo! Wrestling is FAIR, to the pound, and the little whiner with the complaint can’t beat the better wrestler in eliminations. It comes down to that.

  • A teachable moment

    Gay sports should be banned

    • prodentwill

      Your probably a basketball player that got beat up by a wrestler. Wrestling has a positive influence on most kids. A good coach makes the difference. Losers like you wouldn’t be able to see how beneficial it is to kids. I weighed in a 13yo today for a tournament and he was so proud because he went from 161 lbs to 144 and could see his muscle. You can’t tell me that wrestling should be removed. You wouldn’t get that from playing basketball or even football.

  • Hank Warren

    Gay wrestling, Lindsay Lohan, Jersey Shore, all distractions. As the Mainstream Media creates illusions, the US gov’t (and their corp. friends),start more illegal wars, ban books like “America Deceived II” and bail out banks.
    Last link (before Google Books bans it also]:

  • Beauxdog

    Necessity is the mother of invention… create and wear a butt cup.

    • Willy

      It’s called a butt plug. Fills you up to capacity so there’s no room for your opponent’s finger(s).

  • Claire Alexander

    If this is the worst thing that ever happens to this kid, he’s very lucky. I would like to say this is so stupid it doesn’t deserve comment butt…………….

  • Candy

    How do you sign up for a sport like wrestling and not expect something like this to happen? I doubt the older kid meant to hurt the 14 year-old, this is part of the sport. I just hope the older boy doesn’t have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life because of our lawsuit happy culture.

    • yeowch

      I signed up for many sports as a young lad-not one of them included buggery.

      • Candy

        I’m sure you did but this sort of action is part of this particular sport. if it had happened in baseball or cross country i would be concerned but in a sport as physical as wrestling this is part of what you sign up for.

        BTW, The Marquis De Sade would be proud of your word choice.

  • invabch

    This is nasty. It is indeed a violation. That coach is a idiot. This is not a life and death sport so way over the line.

    • derdagian1

      Not life or death, but I know that four opponents went to the hospital in four successive matches when I was in high school. The accidents happen, and the Ref knows what illegal moves are. When the shoulder separates, the knee cartilage tears, the nose bleeds, the concussion happens, the elbow bends backward, fingers break and ankles sprain. The kid and his daddy are feminine losers from California. That’s the problem.

      • Tom M

        When a man inserts a part of his body into another mans anus, that is gay sex, full stop, end of story…

    • Gage

      It’s called determination look it up in the dictionary under D. The 17 year old felt like winning the 14 year old felt like being a panzy and complaining about a little butt drag

  • Jim

    In other news, the TSA will be re-training its agents in wrestling moves to better provide you and your family with better security.

  • eric61

    This is why our country… California has gone to the dogs. This dad is a sexual pervert… it takes one to know one.

    • Wunderin'

      You really said that?

  • casey

    Only in the San Francisco area would this be considered a normal move for wrestlers….I wrestled for several years in high school and never used this move or ever had it done on me the way they described this happening…

  • grappler

    The butt drag is a technique taught in wrestling rooms all over this country for decades. Protocol is that you make your opponent pay for such a slip, and if you are not willing to do that, you probably do not belong in the sport.

    Only in the San Francisco area would a prosecutor actually ruin a kid’s life for this…I hope the suspended kid’s family takes the school district to the cleaners. What a shame..

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