FRESNO (AP) — The trial has been pushed back for a Central California high school wrestler charged with the sexual battery of an opponent during a practice match.

Defense lawyer Stephen Quade told the Fresno Bee that his 17-year-old client is now scheduled to go to trial on Jan. 13 in juvenile court. The trial had been set to start Thursday.

Clovis police say the boy is accused of ramming his fingers into the rectum of his opponent during a July practice, but Quade argues he used a legitimate move called the “butt drag.” Quade said the move is commonly used in wrestling.

Prosecutors had offered to dismiss the case if the teen stayed out of trouble for several months, but Quade said his client would reject the deal because he didn’t do anything wrong.

On Thursday, the judge placed a gag order on the case.

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Comments (149)
  1. McD says:

    Why does this stupoid CBS thing have a comment section when they will NOT publish what we write…..what happened to free speech??????….Anyway what I wanted to write was this….that dude would pull back his arm and find it missing from his elbow if he would have tried that on me…….how STINKING (literally stinking) gross can these kids get??????

    1. Jahnke says:

      Learn what freedom of speech is before you complain about it.

  2. McD says:

    stupoid is a new word I just made up, actually I am in shock over reading about this and my fingers won’t obey me……

    1. Oklahoma wrestling says:

      I bet you would not last 10 minutes with that kid much less rip his arm off tough guy.
      Oklahoma Wrestler.

      1. Jahnke says:

        Learn how to figure out who made a comment before you attack an innocent person.

      2. Jahnke says:

        Oh, Oklahoma product … figures.

      3. Oklahoma alternative lifestyles says:

        Wrestling is pretty much gay sex anyway isn’t it?

  3. tn says:

    “Butt drag?” or Butt snag? Either way, I think it smells, or stinks. How can something like this end this way? Unless the wrestler actually said he intended to violate his opponent, there’s no proof in the pudding. Either that, or he’s all thumbs. It’s sad that kids competing in sports, are being sidetracked when an sue-happy attorney rears its ugly head and slaps another student and its school in the rear. Butt the worse thing is that as the holidays near, this year just had to end this way. Literally.

    1. speedstan says:

      [Unless the wrestler actually said he intended to violate his opponent, there’s no proof in the pudding.] – Unless you find fingerprints…

    2. i just wasted 24 seconds of my life reading your comment…and another 20 writing this

  4. tn says:

    And on the same note, have you noticed the right side of your landing page screen, under the “SF Bay Area Guides” column (just shift your eyes a crack, to the right) there is an advertisement for the best fudge? Yuck!

    1. AuntieTaqiyya says:

      Lord, butt (pun intended) I love your double entendres: “…shift your eyes a crack…” Thanks for the levity!

  5. sam donovan says:

    Why is it always California?

    1. daryl says:

      LEFT COAST. Where everyone is a VICTIM

      1. Robea says:

        Or a wannabe perpetrator.

  6. crass says:

    The Butt Snag is a little known move that
    we can do together
    Butt Snag, baby
    (Butt Snag Baby!)

  7. Daryl says:

    Oh PLEEEEEZ!!!
    By participating in wrestling…you accept the possibility of someone grabbing you wherever and however to gain leverage and spuerior position on you. QUIT YOUR WHINING YOU LOSER!!!!

  8. Nancy Pelosid says:

    Just another reason why California should be cast out to sea never to return.

    1. undrgrndgirl says:

      butt then what will you welfare red staters do without the federal aid $$ taken from california tax payers?

  9. You-Must Be-Kidding says:

    He was going to do the Weenie roast, but he did not have a lighter with him during the practice. He has a glowing career as a TSA agent.

    1. JIm says:

      TSA comment too funny.

  10. lmao says:

    Did he at least buy him dinner and take him to a movie before he violated him?

  11. strategery says:

    The other wrestler should have moaned and grabbed his hand.

  12. Steve says:

    Wow, so many bitter men here sticking up for this kid’s right to shove his fingers up another guy’s rectum during a sporting match. If someone had done that to my kid, I can’t begin to tell you what I would shove and where I would shove it. Whatever happened to competing fair and square for the sake of the competition instead of pulling dirty moves like that for the sake of winning at all cost?

    1. dude dudeson says:

      I guess that makes you a whiner and a loser. No one is bitter. Let them take it to court and prove it.

    2. Adrienne White says:

      Well, here’s a not-bitter woman chiming in and I say the move is common and legitimate. You can’t tell me a high-school wrestler, even a freshman one, has made it this far through the season, with all the practices and everything, and he didn’t know how to use this move, or had never used it himself. Maybe during the match, the 14 year old was grabbed rough. I’m sorry if he felt injured, but he was not sexually violated.

      1. Adrienne White says:

        I meant to say “you can’t tell me that the 14 year old didn’t know how to use the move or never had it used against him.”

      2. Boetica says:

        I’ve talked to wrestlers who have never heard of such a thing. It is inappropriate, unhealthy, and just plain disgusting.

      3. yeowch says:

        So- If I do this to you-it’s okay,then? I am guessing you like the brown eye, huh?

    3. JonSE says:

      You would not do anything. The kid would whip you old, out-of-shape butt. Crocodile mouth and hummingbird ass.

    4. Rick says:

      When your kid signed up for the sport, they signed a waiver saying that they would hold no one responsible for injury, not to mention the fact that the butt drag isn’t a “dirty move”. It is a move taught from pee-wee wrestling through college. When kids first learn the butt drag, their ears perk up and they realize that they I do not want to get in a position to allow it to be used on them. “Winning at all cost?”, hardly. Typical move.

      Former HS and College All-American Wrestler

    5. Gage says:

      R u kidding me a butt drag is a totally legal move it is fair. Obviously the kid has a will to win and will do anything to achieve that look it up it’s called determination.

  13. susie q says:

    This is insane. I have two teenage boys who have been wrestling for many years. They get grabbed in the crotch, poked in the eyes, scratched, flipped, bruised, have had bloody noses, and I have seen a number of more serious injuries at meets and tournaments…. it happens, and it goes with the sport. The opponents are tough, and the good ones have no mercy.
    If you can’t take the heat — get out of the kitchen.
    I feel badly for the 17 year old whose high school days are ruined because of one wimpy kid and his enabling father.

    1. Candy says:

      Exactly, this is what happens in wrestling!

      1. Boetica says:

        Boys sticking their fingers up other boys rectums? I hope they have hand sanitizer off the mat………..

    2. derdagian1 says:

      Bingo! Wrestling is FAIR, to the pound, and the little whiner with the complaint can’t beat the better wrestler in eliminations. It comes down to that.

  14. A teachable moment says:

    Gay sports should be banned

    1. prodentwill says:

      Your probably a basketball player that got beat up by a wrestler. Wrestling has a positive influence on most kids. A good coach makes the difference. Losers like you wouldn’t be able to see how beneficial it is to kids. I weighed in a 13yo today for a tournament and he was so proud because he went from 161 lbs to 144 and could see his muscle. You can’t tell me that wrestling should be removed. You wouldn’t get that from playing basketball or even football.

  15. Hank Warren says:

    Gay wrestling, Lindsay Lohan, Jersey Shore, all distractions. As the Mainstream Media creates illusions, the US gov’t (and their corp. friends),start more illegal wars, ban books like “America Deceived II” and bail out banks.
    Last link (before Google Books bans it also]:

  16. Beauxdog says:

    Necessity is the mother of invention… create and wear a butt cup.

    1. Willy says:

      It’s called a butt plug. Fills you up to capacity so there’s no room for your opponent’s finger(s).

  17. Claire Alexander says:

    If this is the worst thing that ever happens to this kid, he’s very lucky. I would like to say this is so stupid it doesn’t deserve comment butt…………….

  18. Candy says:

    How do you sign up for a sport like wrestling and not expect something like this to happen? I doubt the older kid meant to hurt the 14 year-old, this is part of the sport. I just hope the older boy doesn’t have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life because of our lawsuit happy culture.

    1. yeowch says:

      I signed up for many sports as a young lad-not one of them included buggery.

      1. Candy says:

        I’m sure you did but this sort of action is part of this particular sport. if it had happened in baseball or cross country i would be concerned but in a sport as physical as wrestling this is part of what you sign up for.

        BTW, The Marquis De Sade would be proud of your word choice.

  19. invabch says:

    This is nasty. It is indeed a violation. That coach is a idiot. This is not a life and death sport so way over the line.

    1. derdagian1 says:

      Not life or death, but I know that four opponents went to the hospital in four successive matches when I was in high school. The accidents happen, and the Ref knows what illegal moves are. When the shoulder separates, the knee cartilage tears, the nose bleeds, the concussion happens, the elbow bends backward, fingers break and ankles sprain. The kid and his daddy are feminine losers from California. That’s the problem.

      1. Tom M says:

        When a man inserts a part of his body into another mans anus, that is gay sex, full stop, end of story…

    2. Gage says:

      It’s called determination look it up in the dictionary under D. The 17 year old felt like winning the 14 year old felt like being a panzy and complaining about a little butt drag

  20. Jim says:

    In other news, the TSA will be re-training its agents in wrestling moves to better provide you and your family with better security.

  21. eric61 says:

    This is why our country… California has gone to the dogs. This dad is a sexual pervert… it takes one to know one.

    1. Wunderin' says:

      You really said that?

  22. casey says:

    Only in the San Francisco area would this be considered a normal move for wrestlers….I wrestled for several years in high school and never used this move or ever had it done on me the way they described this happening…

  23. grappler says:

    The butt drag is a technique taught in wrestling rooms all over this country for decades. Protocol is that you make your opponent pay for such a slip, and if you are not willing to do that, you probably do not belong in the sport.

    Only in the San Francisco area would a prosecutor actually ruin a kid’s life for this…I hope the suspended kid’s family takes the school district to the cleaners. What a shame..

  24. WRESTLER says:

    This is how you out leverage your opponent preventiing his from taking you down by rounding the corner.
    I hate when people get all defensive with their kids “if he did that to my kid I would…..” stop being ignorant and watch some wrestling footage this is a normal move.
    Unless the guy was intentionally poking his finger in his anus there is nothing wrong with it.
    its obvious the people with the negative gay-fobic comments on here have NO CLUE about wrestling. Thats what you think about while the wrestler is

  25. Kowalski says:

    California—What a bunch of effete sissies…No wonder your state is circling the drain.

  26. Tom says:

    Much butt dragging going –

  27. AuntieTaqiyya says:

    Nothing that a cork can’t remedy…

  28. Dave Perlins says:

    I wrestled and this is incredibly common and not really even “dirty pool” so to speak. This is akin to someone suing a teammate for a slap on the butt after a home run — context is super important and it seems like it’s being completely overlooked.

  29. AuntieTaqiyya says:

    So gay arse-poking is not only acceptable, BUTT LEGAL! And non-gay wrestling arse-holds are ILLEGAL. How pervy is THAT?

  30. speedstan says:

    Anyone find it bizarre how one of the linked ads to this article is for “best fudge”?

  31. AuntieTaqiyya says:

    If this had been a gay, high school “educator” caught digitally penetrating a male student’s anus, IT WOULD BE A TEACHABLE MOMENT!

  32. marty says:

    Pervert State of Calif

  33. Other says:

    The butt drag is a recognized wrestling move. If the boy doesn’t like it, get off the mat. You can hear the incredulity in the voice of the coach. Only in California……

    1. El Oregonian says:

      The boy liked it. It was the girl that was upset…

  34. Al Mirbach says:

    We used to call it checking the oil.

  35. Derble says:

    The fact that this is a legitimate wrestling move absolutely confirms my long-time suspicion that wrestling is kinda gay.

    1. jes2 says:

      Probably – it started in Greece.

      And speaking of grease:

      Wonder if the kid really did like the ol ‘thumb shoved up his Pelosi?

      Sigh. Only he and Barney Frank will truly know what it’s like to wrestle while someone is trying to violate the gates of Willy Wonka’s FudgeFactory..

  36. Lysander says:

    This is why I never considered serious wrestling; I would have come up swinging
    the first time my opponent made that move, unless it was a coed. Maybe an
    anal cup would solve the problem…

    1. Lemmy Caution says:

      Or a butt plug…. LOL

  37. OGolly says:

    This is just too, too good. The irony is breath-taking. San Fransisco, HOME of “gay pride” and just about any other perversion you can name, is actually going to press criminal sexual molestation charges against a JUVENILE for a standard wrestling move. ONLY in SF, folks, only in SF.

  38. Loverly says:

    Let’s put on stretchy nylon onesies and I’ll stick my finger in your butt. You pin me to the ground and grind your ballsack into my nose. I’ll grab your crotch and try to flip you on your stomach. Just us two hot sweaty mens rubbing all over each other while we paw at all the nasty bits. It will be ever so manly, really it will. And it’s totally not gay because we call it wrestling. So we can do this thing.

  39. SharpShtik says:

    He’s expelled and being prosecuted so there’s more to it than an innocent move. I won state and national regionals several times and never used it. This is a move you use if you suck or you’re sick. For it to provide any leverage (besides imposing anal discomfort), you need a very deep grip of the butt cheek to get the fingertips on the pelvic bone at the anus, but you’d still get a quicker and better grasp on the upper leg. You have to go out of your way for this cheap shot. Notice the coach dishonestly showed the move with a clenched hand, but video shows the wrestlers he taught with their fingers intentionally in the butt crack gripping the anus. Blame loser, unscrupulous coaches and competitors.

    1. grappler says:

      No, I blame and idiotic prosecutor-one of the beauties of the sport is that it is self policing, especially in practice. If a kid intentionally uses his fingers, he should get his nose broken by a crossface.

    2. Mr. Gable says:

      Sharp shtik you are lying. Your no champ in anything. It is used in every meet you will go to. Yes you have more leverage with a butt cheek.

      you woosy

      1. SharpShtik says:

        Obviously you’re gay and illiterate “Mr. Gable.” Stop watching so many wrestlers that suck.

  40. Julie says:

    Where else but the California. Maybe Barney Frank can prance across country to be a witness for the defense.

  41. Matthew Herren says:

    Odds are the 17 year old got carried away and was trying to prove something to the 14 year old… I get that it’s a common move, but it seems like this is likely a case of someone taking something too far, and then playing innocent with a typical incredulous response when it is escalated to an authority figure.

  42. wire_paladin says:

    I guess Barney Frank will take up wrestling now!

    1. Dave 2009 says:

      Hey, Barny Frank invented the move, before it was called the Butt Drag, is was referred to as the Frank N Butt move.

  43. astralweeks says:

    I, myself, prefer to use the ‘scrotal squeeze’ when forcing an opponent to the mat.

    1. Dave 2009 says:

      I hear that! Like Barny Fife uses to say on Andy of n Mayberry,

      “You just have to nip it in the bud… nip it, nip it, nip it”

  44. Joey Bagadonuts says:

    You can be expelled for the “Butt Drag”? I had a Labrador Retriever who did that on the rug and I never expelled him.

  45. Mike says:

    …the judge issued a *gag order*…I gagged without being ordered to do so. All ‘light-fingers’ had to do after his *buttdrag* is shove his fingers under his opponent’s nose….game over. ha

  46. AuntieTaqiyya says:

    Accidental digital penetration of an athlete’s covered rectum–while in the course of implementing a legitimate and allowed wrestling hold–is suddenly considered SEXUAL BATTERY? This will NEVER hold at trial. Where’s the intent to commit sexual battery? California is populated by hysterical, anti-heterosexual government employees, whose only reason for living, is the daily harassment and persecution of predominantly white, heterosexual males. Had this act occurred at a gay bath house in San Francisco, it would have been considered “business as usual“. Why, during the Gay Pride Parade, this act is carried out ON THE STREETS FOR ALL TO SEE over and over again! I can’t wait for California’s government to disintegrate and utterly fail.

  47. Agent Smith says:

    Wow, that’s pretty gay

  48. thsrthj says:

    this really stinks….lawyers like to put thier noses where they dont belong….lmfao

  49. Shaggy says:

    It amazes me that so many people here are complaining about this incident and no one has commented on the fact that the TSA at the airports are doing much worse to those who do not wish to go through the naked body scanners. People are ready to fight either for or against this kid but no one will come forward against what the TSA is doing to kids even younger than this kid.

  50. Jin says:

    He was Expelled? I thought you were innocent until proven guilty?

  51. powelfl says:

    I wrestled all through high school and not only did I never use this technique, But was never shown this technique and never would have used it if I had. I never had to resort to this to win a match. The wrestling match would have turned into a street brawl if someone would have tried this move on me.

    1. Gage says:

      Obviously u didn’t do to well then and didnt have a will to win. I would hate to be all u idiots down talking the move when you have no clue. Y’all probably like basketball where I can tap your ass and not be gay

  52. bogie71129 says:

    In a barroom fight, attempting to stick ALL your fingers up your opponent’s arse is a move that ALWAYS distracts him from whatever it is he it trying to do to you. Use it to your best advantage; also, break his collarbone with a single downward chop to it, with force.

  53. Damon F says:

    I think with this incident, we can close the book and say conclusively: wrestling is gay.

  54. ohiowrestler says:

    Common move, no matter where. I have wrestled, coached wrestling, son has wrestled since he could move. I have done it, had it done to me, taught it, my son has done it, has had it done to him. Wrestling is not for the weak, of mind, or body. Obviously this loser parent has sorry motivation, and we all will be paying for it in the continual “wussification of America.” I just have to shake my head and wonder…… Where does it end?????? No pun intended…..

    1. Boetica says:

      Are you a proctologist? Why would anyone encourage their kid to stick their fingers up someone’s rectum? Is your kid’s name E. Coli?

  55. REM says:

    Amerika Sucks. How’s that New World Order & Policed State workng our for everyone. No wonder the Empire is falling. Amerikans are indeed free, free from all truth, logic and commen sense. Wake UP America for the AMERIKANS take over.

  56. HarryObrain says:

    No one is getting the point that it only took one weak father to prod his kid to squeal like a violated pig for this case to even exist?? You’re all missing the BIG picture……

  57. Anton says:

    The whole argument is a bit flawed. How come the “victim” is not charging the “perpetrator” with assault for all the other wrestling moves while he’s at it? I was appalled that the “perpetrator’s” school had him expelled even before he was found guilty. So much for the right to be innocent until proven guilty. Quite frankly, someone here is being violated, but it’s not the 14-year old complainant.

  58. Kevin says:

    Apparently, this wrestler has not been informed of the new feminized US rules. Like OMG,like haven’t you like watched the like latest OMG TV shows to see how like this is like unacceptable? Soon they will go after the NFL for like putting their hands down there during the HIKE, because like that could be like OMG so like damaging like. US=fail. Merry Christmas….

  59. zombierocket says:

    Hey… I didn’t like your post. I’m going to SUE you. Your post violated my eyes.

    Idiot nation…

  60. ExSophus says:

    If the “butt drag” is a valid move, I’m surprised. Just as I wouldn’t expect an eye gouge to be a valid move. The potential for serious injury to the rectum is non-trivial.

    For those of you yammering about “lawsuit happy” etc…
    This is a CRIMINAL charge…not a civil charge. The difference is significant and it could ruin the young man’s life (e.g. sex offender registration).

    But, a CRIMINAL charge means a prosecutor had enough evidence or credible testimony that this was possibly something more than just a wrestling move.

    1. ExSophus says:

      To clarify…I should have stipulated

      If the ‘butt drag’ is a valid move AS DESCRIBED “…ramming his fingers into the rectum of his opponent”…

      There’s a huge difference between grabbing onto someone’s butt cheek to pull them around and ramming fingers INTO someone’s rectum.

      1. T Falasco says:

        OMG we are laughing so hard! Best post yet!

  61. Dave 2009 says:

    OK, is this what they are referring to when someone says so and so tore em a new one? I’m just asking…

    Can’t imagine how the ref reacted after the young man pulled his fingers out of it and the ref held his hand up to declare the kid the winner… Whew, must have been a real stinker that…..

    1. T Falasco says:

      My above post was a reply to Dave 2009 for being the best yet!

  62. Dave 2009 says:

    I always wondered why the guy in the office who claimed to be a wrestler in high school was so anal retentive.. I mean who wouldn’t be .. ouch !! Makes me pucker just thinking about it.

  63. Boetica says:

    It has been stated that the 17 year old was making crude gestures to the 14 year old team mate before he got on the mat to wrestle him and rammed his fingers up his arse. Obviously his intention was to humiliate him. The rest of the team began teasing the 14 year old after the deed. Hmmm. Sportsmanship? Sounds like the perp enjoys that kind of thing.

  64. D330 says:

    I recall competing in a wrestling match back in my middle school years. I began the 2nd period “bottom”. Whistle blew, I attempted a stand-up. My opponent grasped around my waist, in the process shoving his hand down inside the front of my singlet–coming into contact with my member. I was mortified. No criminal charges resulted. I went on to lose the match. At that point, I didn’t care…

  65. Dave 2009 says:

    So I was also wondering…. how does the coach teach this move to the kids?

    OK people, today I’m going to show you some wrestling moves that are sure to help you take down your opponent in short order.

    The first move is the Butt drag…. OK, Billy, come over here and kneel down on the mat…. Now, the rest of you watch carefully as I demonstrate how to gain access through the leg opening of the gym trunks and then slip my index and middle finger… up… into the …. rectum… Billy relax this isn’t going to hurt a bit,…..

    OK where was I ?

  66. Dave 2009 says:

    Well I watched the video and I’m sure that move was nothing more or less than what I used to do with my girl friend in high school – only I approached through the front door with middle finger extended and found a different orifice to poke. ….and we were on a mattress at the time.

    Ah … those were the days.

  67. Dave 2009 says:

    Now that I think about it, the 14 year old is fortunate the 17 year old didn’t use his fist, like the coach demonstrated in the video…

    I mean that really would have been a rough take down and some of the folks in the bleachers would have passed out when the 17 year old’s kids fist disappeared.

    Wow, life in school today is certainly a different place than when I was young.

  68. Sage says:

    Wrestling. Judging from the comments I am wondering what is the point of this sport. Ewwwww!

    1. CJB says:

      I have seen guys that where wrestler in high school got up against a guy in a knife. Guess who won? Let’s say wrestlers learn holds and techniques that have been around from greek times. Again these are VERY disciplined kids. It is an honor and more watched to go to State championships in wrestling that football in MN.

  69. dumb lawsuit says:

    Left Coast? I agree this is a waste of time and stupid suit. BUT Fresno might as well be the Mid West. Its barely California.

    1. ExSophus says:

      Once again.

      This is NOT some ‘stupid’ lawsuit.

      This is a CRIMINAL TRIAL.

      Try to keep up.

  70. Knute Rockne says:

    OK – so in the warped, parallel universe of wrestling anything goes as long as you win. Hmmm, so just secrete a shank in your own rectum and produce it at the appropriate time during a match to decapitate your opponent. YEAH!! – You win fair and square.

  71. ThreePercenter says:

    The point is that a seasoned coach showed that the proper move uses a closed fist, yet almost all of the video footage they showed of these kids had their hands open giving them more than enough opportunity to “push it” further & assault their opponent. It’s one thing to get a broken arm or nose wrestling w/ a proper move by an opponent who is playing fair, but IMO any wrestler who uses the butt drag w/ an open hand should be penalized as any other illegal move in the sport. If a student files a complaint of “penetration” with the fingers during a butt drag IT SHOULD BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY- sexual assault happens in a lot of ways & some are more subtle than others but equally as damaging.

  72. Art Fold says:

    Seeing as it was California, how can they be sure he wasn’t just flirting with him?

  73. no says:

    As someone who wrestled for twelve years (ages 5 to 17) and won state and nationals eery year but the first – let me be the first to clarify that the only sport gayer than pro wrestling is real wrestling.

    1. liar69 says:

      STFU! you didnt win anything buddy.

  74. RF says:

    This is America….you are guilty till you prove yourself innocent….The court doesn’t have to PROVE anything….merely suggest it….if a jury believes it this Kid, the subject is GUILTY. In America all you have to do is tell a cop somebody did something to you and off to court you go…….PROOF….ha no proof needed. As far as all the gay comments……this is a contact sport…don’t like it don’t play…nothing gay about it. It is only gay if your intent in the contact is sexual in nature, you get sexual pleasure from it. Is a doctor gay when he check for a hernia, telling you to turn you head and cough.

  75. jud says:

    I thought butt dragging was legal, we are talking San fanncisco

    1. Joseppi Tanner says:

      You hit the nail on the head there!!

  76. Kevin Stott says:

    Is it just me, or did that wrestling coach seem somewhat effeminate? Perhaps he really goes by the name “Captain SlippyFist,” among certain circles… hahaha Who are we to deny these guys their ancient Greek anal play?

  77. Lee says:

    I’ve always been suspicious about two guys wanting to get on the floor and grab each other all over anyway. Seems like they would have to have some pretty gay tendencies to begin with.

    1. CJB says:

      Grow up! Wrestling is one of the oldest sports around! It takes a lot of disiple to be a wrestler. MN is a huge wrestling state and it may not be my kids “cup of tea” but respect is given in school to the wrestling team. Most football players are on the wrestling team.

    2. Joseppi Tanner says:

      Yea gay, run a mile wrestle a minute , run a mile wrestle a minute, try that tough guy! Wrestling and swimming two of the most demanding sports there are!

  78. Kathy says:

    I assume that now the left woosies will go for outlawing wrestling.

  79. CJB says:

    When my nephew are on the mat the last think they are thinking about is assulting they’re opponent. They are trying to gain the upper hand in the match and pin. HELLO! I would not want to go up against a wrestler ever and I’ve played football, basketball and baseball. I say kids need to be a little tougher, but lawsuits like this makes a joke about real assults for both males and females. Shame on the parents of this 14 year old and I would say take up swimming where you have to stay in your lane!

  80. Joseppi Tanner says:

    You gotta be kidding me! I wrestled in high school , had a kid bite my thumb and was bleeding. Guess what the ref said nothing he could do about it because it wasn’t where i couldn’t bite mtself and he didn’t see it!

    Get over it! Now you liberals better find out if the kid was gay because then yoiu would say he couldn’t help himself!

  81. Joseppi Tanner says:

    In the old days (late 70’s ) the new guys on the wrestling team were subjected to a “red Belly” .

    That’s where several other wrestlers hold the new guy down and several others proceed to beat your belly with their wrestling shoes!

    So man up! Or Shut UP!

  82. GA Wrestler says:

    Don’t feel like reading all the comments. Saw one comment said this was a little know move. Not really, it is a pretty basic and well known move. I also agree with CJB’s comment

  83. PTBarnumWouldBeProud says:

    And this is a problem in California how? The government has been doing a 5 finger proctological exam on the populous for decades now. Life imitates life, I guess.

  84. sponkos says:

    California? It figures.

  85. Rick says:

    The prosecutor must be “nuts” to think that he’ll “crack” this case. The wrestler can just “smile” knowing the prosecutor is showing his “ass”.

  86. what the f says:

    poking that kid in the brown eye to win a match is just not right…

  87. TheDudeAbides says:

    I hope the persecutor loses his/her job over this case. This is an embarrassment to the justice system. I feel bad for the kid who’s life is getting ruined because of this. Kudos for not pleading guilty.

    I’m tired of these liberal feminist PIG persecutors and school administrators who think they are smarter then people, and try to play God. They’d rather ruin a life and push an agenda, then seek true justice.

    In regards to the victim….if you don’t want people touching your “stuff”, you shouldn’t have gone out for wrestling.

    A similar situation happened where I live, where a kid was expelled from school for having a box cutter in his car in the school parking lot. He worked at a grocery store. He was kicked out of school, and made an example of. Our taxes pay the salaries of these people. It’s embarrassing.

    1. ExSophus says:

      There was a very reasonable offer( by the same prosecutor you say should be fired) to DISMISS the case after a few short MONTHS! That would mean NO RECORD.

      As I understand it, there was a good deal more involved than just an inappropriate touch. There was possibly pre-meditated declared intent prior to the incident (beyond the normal pre-match razzing)…which ups the stakes considerably IF found guilty. I could also see this moved out of juvenile court. and a trial as an adult. He is 17 and this could go either way.

      In my opinion, if there’s even the slightest chance he could be found guilty for WHATEVER reason(s), he should have taken the deal to DISMISS as this could ruin his life, impact his college offers, etc.

      And since there will be a trial, and likely appeals, this means more publicity and much greater cost to his family. Both things that will adversely again affect his future education and life. Even if he’s found innocent many colleges won’t want the baggage. Assuming scholarships were a possibility, now scholarships will be less likely to be offered, If he wanted to join a fraternity in college? Probably less likely now. And more.

  88. kenny monday says:

    hmm. sounds like the younger kid just got a bad draw wrestling an older guy. if he didnt want to get “molested” he should have played an easy sport, like football or basketball.

    so if this same kid played football, and got a common injury, say a concussion, would his parents press criminal charges for assault? heaven forbid this kid take boxing, or his opponents will have battery charges against them in a heart beat.


    1. ExSophus says:

      Again. This isn’t a lawsuit. It’s a criminal case. You need to understand the difference.

      In a criminal case it isn’t up to the parents or even the victim to make the decision. All they could do is refuse to testify…assuming they had something to testify about.

      It’s 100% up to the prosecutor and whether he/she thinks there’s a solid criminal case here. If he can make a case without their testimony he can decide to proceed with the case. Under certain conditions, the prosecution can even ask the court to compel testimony.

      A criminal case does NOT depend solely on whether the victim or his parents want to pursue it…just as a murder doesn’t depend on whether the victim or his/her parents want to prosecute. It’s up to the prosecutor(s).

  89. PC says:

    Well if the parent of the wrestler that got butt dragged video tapped this, then they need be counter-sued and charges pressed for child pornography. I would I also say exploitation since it is being shown over the www. I wouldn’t stop there, the other kid got expelled. Really? was there a Flagrant called on this match. this kid is gonna have more pain in suffering from this ordeal. Actually the butt hole kid will to now since his parents don’t want to work the American way and are trying to sue. The Judge just better watch his words in this matter and not say ” He thinks there is Holes leaking in this case” or he will be next to be sued.

  90. PC says:

    Jahnke what does freedom of speech have to do with this…I hope you dont sue me when my nuts on in your face when I got a figure four around your head

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