REDWOOD CITY (CBS) — Nissan North America Inc. delivered its first all-electric Leaf Saturday to a young tech executive in Redwood City.

Olivier Chalouhi was the first U.S. resident to reserve one of the new plug-in hatchbacks. Leaf buyers in Southern California, Arizona, Oregon, Tennessee and Seattle will start receiving their cars in the coming weeks.

The Leaf is the first in what promises to be a wave of electric cars intended for the mass market. The MSRP is $32,780. A federal clean-car tax credit and a California rebate bring the price down to $20,280.

Nissan plans to make 50,000 Leafs in the car’s first year and has taken reservations for 20,000.

In a few weeks, GM will start delivering the Chevy Volt. Unlike the all-electric Leaf, the Volt has a gasoline-powered engine that kicks in once the battery runs down.

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Comments (5)
  1. jhsocal says:

    You DO know that you’re showing a picture of a GM Volt (a hybrid, BTW) in place of the Nissan Leaf?

  2. buzz says:

    Congrats to Nissan for keeping their promise to deliver these cars in 2010. Too bad it wil just be at trickle of cars at first. Why is half of this story about the Chevy Volt? The guy took delivery of the first Nissan LEAF; an all electric car. The Volt is a hybrid.

  3. Ron A says:

    What moron photo editor posts a photo of the wrong car in a story entirely about a groundbreaking new car? Why not post a picture of a toaster? At least that would be all-electric. Is it any wonder I watch NBC?

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