SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) – Sharing your car with someone you don’t know might seem risky. But two San Francisco companies are trying to make it safer and easier by helping arrange neighbor-to-neighbor car rentals.

Steven Siegal recently enrolled in Getaround, a start-up with the pitch – “Rent a car from someone nearby.”

Siegel, a physician, chose a 2006 Acura owned by graphic designer, Jeff Broderick. Broderick rents the car for $8.00 an hour, or $40 a day. Broderick gets 70% of the rental fee, while Getaround keeps the rest.

“This is a good use of my car. I might as well have someone using it if I’m not using it,” Broderick said.

Getaround co-founder Jessica Scorpio said the company currently has about 20 cars available in San Francisco and is adding more every day.

“It’s by the hour. It’s conveniently located. It lets you get cars nearby rather than going to a car rental company, which a lot of people find can be a hassle,” Scorpio said.

Getaround also provides insurance for the term of the rental.

Available cars range from a 2003 Nissan Sentra, which rents for $5.00 an hour, to a bright yellow 2007 Hummer, which goes for $17.75 an hour.

“Every car has its own personality,” Scorpio said.

Getaround only accepts cars that are from the model year 2000 or newer. Car renters must be over 20 and have a good driving record.

Another car-sharing company called “Relay Rides” also opened its doors in San Francisco this week.

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  1. RalfLippold says:


    I remember very well my visit to Canadea back in 1986. Coming down to Kelowna in the Okanagan Valley, I met a friend of my sister while she was working in a supermarkelt. She pulled out the keys to her car, gave them to me with the words, “Take my car and have a look around. I will be finishing in about two hours.”

    For a blink of split second I was struck, then I took the car and cruised along the area – First experience with unknown car from people I didn’t really know.

    In 1990 while visiting Los Angeles I met my former English teacher from the University of Mainz, who just had moved to California. As she was busy with work as well she also gave me the keys to her car (an old Volvo – I loved it) and so I drove down to her parents’ house in Santa Barbara.

    I still remember quite well going down Highway One – it was just awesome!

    So it is doable and I wish Getaround lots of success and looking forward to cooperate in Germany, specifically in Dresden.

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