ALAMEDA (AP) — Two dogs have been treated for cuts and other injuries after raccoons entered an Alameda home through a doggy door and attacked the pets, according to police.

Alameda Police Lt. Sean Lynch said that up to four raccoons crawled through the doggy access door of the home in the 3200 block of Liberty Avenue at about 3 a.m. Dec. 9, apparently in search of water and food. But once inside, the animals attacked two family pets.

Lynch said a 9-year-old female Labrador mix suffered cuts and bites on her lip and face. A 5-year-old Chihuahua-Dachshund mix had cuts on her back and face.

The raccoon attack is at least the eighth reported in the area since June.

A 33-year-old woman suffered bites on her leg in an attack last month.

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Comments (3)
  1. bhf says:

    They did not enter to find pets to “attack”. They were looking for food. These animals are wild and do not know about boundaries. Their goal is to survive, even if another animal gets in their way.

    The best defense is to make sure the wild animals stay outside by locking the doggie door.

    The poor dogs need to get back at the owner, who was negligent in this case.

  2. dhooko says:

    ownrs may have been neglient, but so are the “good samaritans” that feed the wild animals. in my sf neighborhood, there is a woman who comes by late at night and leaves cat food out on the street for the wild cats. not only do the cats eat the food but also the raccoons and pigeons. when i see her, i go out and sweep up the food. this may seem cruel but i am tired of the pigeons and cleaning up after the cats not to mention the rracoons that wander thru my backyard. in the evening i have to leash my dog to take her, can’t even let her run around in her own area. so lets also put a lot of blame on those of feel sorry for the wild animals and feed them.

  3. Harry says:

    I have the same problem in Martinez, there is this lady that feeds all the stray cats (about 10 of them), not only is she feeding them she’s feeding the possums and raccoons.

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