MARTINEZ (AP) — Investigator have matched four of the seven suspects accused of gang-raping a Richmond High School student to DNA evidence found on and around the victim.

A Contra Costa County crime lab supervisor testified during the preliminary hearing Wednesday that investigators also collected DNA from at least four unidentified males.

Lab supervisor Dave Stockwell was the 19th witness to take the stand against the seven defendants charged with raping, beating and robbing the then-16-year-old girl.

Police said as many as 20 people watched the crime outside a 2009 homecoming dance.

Stockwell said the strongest DNA evidence is against the oldest defendant, 43-year-old John Crane. He was never identified by witnesses and only implicated through a cold hit in a DNA database.

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  1. Rod says:

    And the joy of Prop 69 of the 296 DNA Legislation which requires all those convicted of a felony as of 2004, and those arrested for a felony as of 2009, must provide DNA. I speculate, won’t be long before Richmond Crime Lab get’s some hits on state CODIS for the unidentified DNA evidence. Boys, you best find some place to hide, just a matter of time.

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