By Tim Ryan

BERKELEY (CBS/KCBS) — When the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act, (DREAM) failed to win approval in the U.S. Senate Saturday, the future became bleak and uncertain at best for several million immigrants who go to college or serve in the military to earn their legal status in America.

Mario, a senior at UC Berkeley, studying political science and public policy, has been deeply involved in rallying support for the controversial piece of legislation that would have legalized students and service members brought to the country illegally before age 16.

KCBS’ Tim Ryan Reports:

He admits he is undocumented and said he came to the U.S. when he was four-years-old and has lived here for almost 20 years.

Mario called the failed attempt to win enough votes in the Senate, “devastating”.

“With each year that passes by, I just get more anxious about what the future may hold for me and for my fellow undocumented peers,” he said.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was jubilant over one victory; the vote to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, but clearly disappointed in the failure of the Dream Act.

“Our hope would be to have comprehensive immigration reform, strengthen our borders, protect our workers, have a path to legalization for people who are here,” she said. But it was too late.

Republicans had already filibustered the legislation, calling it an example of immigration amnesty

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Comments (10)
  1. Rex says:

    Once again, our shameful and decietful MSM (Mainstream Media) refuses to call ILLEGAL ALIENS as they are, ILLEGAL ALIENS.

    What’s worse is the MSM refuses to inform the LEGAL CITIZENS of this nation about the NAU (NORTH AMERICAN UNION) and the SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership) to MERGE: Canada, the USA and Mexico together.

    This NAU and SPP is piggybacked onto the RECONQUISTA-AZTLAN agenda, but then yet again, our shameful MSM would never tell about this.

    I also noticed the last time the DREAM Act was passed, the treacherous MSM didn’t say a word about the upcoming DREAM ACT until it was passed. …I thimk we deserved to know this was coming up.

    After all, not only does the MSM protect ILLEGAL ALIENS and falsely iidentifies them, there’s also myriiads of foundations like: La Raza, MEChA, LULAC, MALDEF, Nativo Lopez, La Voz de Aztlan, the Mexico Movement, Piolin, Telemundo and other Spanish Media, politicians, Retail, fast food, restaurants, construction, the UNIONS, hotels, corporations, cHAMBERS of Commerce, the Commonwealths and the DEPT of LABOR (HILDA SOLIS), the churches, LAWYERS-LEGAL (Zoe Lofgren and the SPLC-Southern Poverty Law Center for starters) and schools who all highly active Supporting the ILLEGAL ALIEN Agenda.

    There is a lot of support and money thrown at the ILLEGAL ALIEN CAUSE and that is being done for a reason: The NAU (NORTH AMIERICAN UNION) is to merge: Canada, the USA and Mexico together. Like the E.U. (European Union), we’re next.

    The goal is to break down the planet’s nations’ borders and set them up in blocs for the upcoming GLOBAL GOVERNMENT aka NWO (New World Order) aka 1-World Order.

    Also, the STUDENTS were used as ploy because this DREAM ACT would have essentially served as AMNESTY and anybody Legalized would automaticallly been given preferential treatment above LEGAL CITIZENS by giving them AFFIRMATIVE ACTION and would have displaced USA citizen students.

    AND keep in mind that LEGAL CITIZENS would have still been forced to pay the HIGHER (out-of-state college rates). How is that right?

    And financially, could we afford this? Our schools are ALWAYS bellyaching for more money.

    1986 AMNESTY; Does anybody remember that? Was our border ever secured? Was our immigration laws ever enforced? NO!

    NAPOLITANO fully supported the DREAM ACT and NAPOLITANO still leaves our Borders as WIDE-OPEN SEIVES and she adamately refuses to enforce our immigration laws.

    CHERTOFF like NAPOLITANO also mirrored NAPOLITANO’s policies, but wasn’t it interesting that CHERTOFF had all these RAPISCAN strip-search machines available when (NAPOLITANO) allowed the Undie Bomber on a plane WITHOUT a passport and despite the father’s warnings.

    Remember all this every time you go to an airport and undergo the machines or the pat downs.

    Remember this whenever you see Napolitano with her new (If you see something, say something) campaign at Walmart.

    And since the people didn’t bother to protest CHERTOFF’S Rapiscan strip-search machines or the moestative groping, expect another contrived event and expect F.A.S.T. and VIPER to show up at various public places across this nation.

    And I can’t state this enough, our Borders are still WIDE OPEN and our Immigration laws still are NOT enforced.

    1. Maggie says:

      Good analysis!!!!!!!

      We need to get rid of Napolitano,do something about our open borders and start to jail employers who hire illegals.

      Tell Jerry Brown ,Ca is broke and deport Nikki Diaz.

    2. CitizenDreamer says:

      I am not a doctor, but I do know that there are meds for that.

  2. Born In The USA says:

    The Dream Act would be a frigging Nightmare Act. Glad it didn’t pass.

  3. W says:

    Tell you what Mario, go back to where you came from. You have no business doing here, going to out colleges, and getting our financial aids for college. Go back and stop whining.

    1. Mayra says:


  4. ROADGLIDEHD says:


  5. Milan Moravec says:

    UC Berkeley Berkeley students Cal Alumni, UC Board of Regents, Calif Assembly, Senate do not know the state of Cal. The signs of UC Berkeley’s relative decline are clear: Cal tumbles from 2nd best in the world. In 2004, for example, the London-based Times Higher Education ranked UC Berkeley the second leading research university in the world, just behind Harvard; in 2009 that ranking had tumbled to 39th place.
    When UC Berkeley announced its elimination of baseball, men’s and women’s gymnastics, and women’s lacrosse teams and its defunding of the national-champion men’s rugby team, the chancellor sighed, “Sorry, but this was necessary!”
    But was it? Yes, the university is in dire financial straits. Yet $3 million was somehow found to pay the Bain consulting firm to uncover waste and inefficiencies in UC Berkeley, despite the fact that a prominent East Coast university was doing the same thing without consultants.
    Essentially, the process requires collecting and analyzing information from faculty and staff. Apparently, senior administrators at UC Berkeley believe that the faculty and staff of their world-class university lack the cognitive ability, integrity, and motivation to identify millions in savings. If consultants are necessary, the reason is clear: the chancellor, provost, and president have lost credibility with the people who provided the information to the consultants. Chancellor Robert J Birgeneau has reigned for eight years, during which time the inefficiencies proliferated. Even as Bain’s recommendations are implemented (“They told me to do it”, Birgeneau), credibility and trust problems remain.
    Bain is interviewing faculty, staff, senior management and the academic senate leaders for $150 million in inefficiencies, most of which could have been found internally. One easy-to-identify problem, for example, was wasteful procurement practices such as failing to secure bulk discounts on printers. But Birgeneau apparently has no concept of savings: even in procuring a consulting firm, he failed to receive proposals from other firms.

    Students, staff, faculty, and California legislators are the victims of his incompetence. Now that sports teams are feeling the pinch, perhaps the California Alumni Association, benefactors and donators, and the UC Board of Regents will demand to know why Birgeneau is raking in $500,000 a year despite the abdication of his responsibilities.
    The author, who has 35 years’ consulting experience, has taught at University of California Berkeley, where he was able to observe the culture and the way the senior management operates.

  6. RJonny says:

    Thank you, KCBS, for sharing Mario’s story. It’s really a tragedy for the whole country that the DREAM Act didn’t pass. It would have slashed the deficit by 1.4 billion dollars over the next decade (per the Congressional Budget Office) and pumped up to $3.6 trillion into the economy over the next several decades. And really, at the heart of it, the Dream act was about a whole generation of bright, talented young people, future doctors, engineers, architects, and thinkers, who are Americans in all but paper and desperately want to contribute to and be a part of this country. We are all made poorer by Saturday’s vote.

  7. readwithcare says:

    Mario is a hero for the future of America and California. We can create a better state and a stronger country – by ensuring that all our youth have the opportunity to succeed. That means giving Mario a chance to come out of the shadows. It also means fixing our broken state’s public finance system and restore a majority vote budget and majority vote on revenues so that our public education system can get the revenues it needs from Chevron, Genentech, and other corporations that have created loopholes for themselves.

    To Mario and all the future leaders of California – we are with you!

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