SAN JOSE (BCN) — Two pit bulls attacked a San Jose woman in front of her house Monday night as she was trying to get into her vehicle, a police sergeant said.

One of Susan Zaho’s neighbors called police around 6:20 p.m. to report that two dark gray pit bulls were attacking the 41-year-old woman in front of the home at 3000 Whitesand Drive, Sgt. Ronnie Lopez said.

The neighbor reportedly threw stones at the dogs to try to prevent the attack, he said. The animals ran south on Whitesand Drive.

KCBS’ Matt Bigler Reports:

Zhao suffered major injuries, but they are not life threatening, Lopez said.

Animal control took over the investigation.

Police are warning community members that the dogs have not been captured. They have clipped ears and may have light gray spots, Lopez said.

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Comments (16)
  1. davey says:

    Yo amigo, you are dogging us again. Theses dog are our culture.

  2. Gabe says:

    So, inbreeding and psychotic violence is part of your culture? Good to know.

  3. reggie sythe says:

    destroy the dogs and their owners

    1. Sindy says:

      Ignorant dumb ass.

  4. randall says:

    this kind of comment is stupid…

    1. Nic says:

      Im sorry you are a idiot. Pit bulls are so nice and sweet and friendly once you get to know them, also there ranked 2 on the most greatest dogs with kids.So apparently you are un educated. These two pit bulls probably had a horrible life as street dogs and dogs that were fighting other dogs. So when you say kill all pit bulls your really saying kill friendly dogs which is just stupid. Ok? Oh and if you still dont comprehend what im trying to tell you search “Pit Bulls” on wikipedia. That is if you know how to search on the internet….

  5. Mike says:

    They are Americas dog since World War One you morons. You dont even know anything about your own country. Just the typical American failures they raised you to be spitting back “FACTS” you know nothing about.

    1. Can't stand dorks says:

      Bite me, Mike…….now shut up

  6. george washington says:


    1. Cesar Chavez says:


  7. McD says:

    But pit bulls are such loving little satanic beasts……..

  8. Sindy says:

    You are ignorant.

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