OAKLAND (KCBS) _ Merchants and residents in Oakland’s Chinatown are looking for help in buying and installing security cameras at the Lincoln Square Recreation Center.

Thousands of people use the busy center everyday, but the area is also attracting trouble.

“Hopefully, we’ll put in about 6-8 cameras inside and 6-8 cameras outside,” said Chinatown community leader Carl Chan.

KCBS’ Bob Butler Reports:

He said budget problems in the city are not helping. Seniors have already donated about a thousand dollars, but they need a lot more.

“Right now, we are projecting it will cost no less than $20,000,” said Chan.

He said they would like to get the cameras installed in time for Chinese New Year celebrations.

And unless you’re committing a crime, Chan said privacy should not be a concern.

“If there is an incident, then we’ll invite the police to look at the videotape,” he said. “If nothing happens, the tape will be erased after so many days.”

The Asian Advisory Council on Crime, a joint public-police organization, is spearheading the fundraising efforts.

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Comments (4)
  1. Tom says:

    Why not bring back Hatchet Men, from Sacramento, like the Chinese in San Francisco did years ago? You could clean up Oakland in no time!

  2. NRA Life Member says:

    Cameras do not reduce crime, they merely record an activity as it happens. So you may have a record of a crime being committed, but nothing is “reduced”. Look around your neighborhood bank. They are just full of cameras and yet bank robberies still happen regularly. The only effect cameras have had is that now bank robbers wear disguises or masks to help prevent them from being identified. The same would happen in the streets of Oakland. Most of these losers wear black hoodies anyway. The videos won’t identify them anyway.

    If you want to reduce (prevent) crime, allow law abiding citizens the means to protect themselves against thugs that would do them harm. If these cowards know that the citizen that they are contemplating attacking may have the ability to end their life, they would likely rethink their plan. That is a deterrence, folks. That reduces crime.

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