TSA Investigates Pilot Who Criticized SFO Security

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Federal authorities are investigating a pilot who posted videos critical of security at San Francisco International Airport.

Don Werno, the attorney for the unnamed pilot, said Friday the Transportation Security Administration is looking into whether his client may have revealed sensitive information.

The pilot posted several videos on YouTube starting in late November that showed airport personnel entering secure areas without screening.

Werno said his client was upset about what he felt is lax security for ground crew, while flight crews are subject to the same intense screening as passengers.

Werno says the pilot’s airline has advised him not to disclose his identity.

In a statement, the TSA acknowledged the case and said it is confident in SFO’s security.

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  • jon jonzz

    wrong again, its them who need watching not the pilot… he is right on, head of this lamo org needs looking into…….he told the truth and they want to investigate him? what the hell? some one please stand up and say the truth for a change…..

  • Zack Debarco

    The Pilot is right on!!! I too have seen the variious ground “outside” ground crew having access to the departure areas. However, this is also done at other airports. I understand that some do need the access, but not all. Even with a “swipe ID” card that can track who is going in and out,it’s still unsecure because you don’t know what they are bringing in or taking out.

  • http://blin90.wordpress.com/2010/12/24/tsa-investigates-pilot-who-criticized-sfo-security/ TSA Investigates Pilot Who Criticized SFO Security « Ben's Weblog

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  • Norman Zhao

    What happened to freedom of speech? The TSA is so full of themselves.

  • Mis informed

    The pilots investigation was right on. But, why post it on YouTube. That was dumb,irresponsible and gave away information that someone would have had to risk capture to gather. We are in a time when Terrorists are trying to attack us and you post that. I’m glad the Agents were able to come over and visit for a while. Hope the pilot gets a good reprimand, don’t know how I feel bout a firing.

  • Liz P

    The TSA is a joke. The pilot has right to criticize them.

  • Mo

    I understand where the pilot is coming from, and this issue does need to be addressed. However I have to agree with others on here, in that it was reckless and irresponsible for him to post the video on Youtube. What he should have done is show the video to airport officials, not post it online, and give the wackos out there ideas. I would expect an airline pilot to have better judgement than that.

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