By Tim Ryan

BRISBANE (KCBS) — You could call it a New Year’s resolution of sorts from SFO International Airport or perhaps it’s more like a belated Christmas gift to the 3,600 or so people of Brisbane. Any way you look at it, there’s a promise to reduce aircraft noise.

United, Virgin Air and Southwest are the main violators of a long-established shoreline departure route to the east of Brisbane.

KCBS’ Tim Ryan Reports:

Aircraft Noise Abatement Manager with the City and County of San Francisco Bert Ganoung says a high-definition computer tracks the route of every flight, but that only gives inconclusive evidence, which is insufficient for pilots and airlines to interpret.

“We’re really taking this to heart. We’re going with the airlines trying to work with them to improve the shoreline departures as well as the port departures,” said Ganoung.

Paul Rusca, a fed up Brisbane resident, said the noise can be ear shattering.

“I don’t think the airlines care; I don’t think the airport cares that much. Maybe they’re going to mention it to their pilots. I don’t think anybody even gets fined,” said Rusca.

A recent sound survey found no smoking gun. And Ganoung says what’s probably happening is an awareness that air travel has picked up substantially from a substantial drop immediately following 9/11.

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