PALO ALTO (BCN) – A woman who was struck and killed by a San Mateo County Transit District bus in Palo Alto Thursday morning was identified by the Santa Clara County medical examiner’s office as Sheena Marie Barker.

Barker, 52, of Cupertino, was struck by the bus as it was going south on Webster Street toward University Avenue, police said.

Barker was pronounced dead at the scene. She was wearing hospital scrubs and is a traveling nurse who works at various hospitals in the area, Palo Alto police Lt. Sandra Brown said.


She was struck near the Lytton Gardens senior community, but Brown did not know if that’s where Barker was headed.

The driver of the SamTrans bus was taken to Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Redwood City to be treated for hypertension. There were two passengers on the bus at the time, police said.

University Avenue was closed in both directions between Middlefield Road and Cowper Road for more than five hours while Palo Alto police and the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office Transit Police Bureau investigated the death.

The roadway reopened at about 3:50 p.m., Brown said.

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  1. ya better look before u cross, maybe 2X! says:

    i feel absolutely horrible when something like this happens because that is the worst and most painful way to die.

    1. Victor says:

      Temper is to blame for the incident?

  2. JD Williams says:

    The bus only goes on Webster between Lytton and University. The bus is moving very slowly through there. There is the old folks home right there, but the article didn’t give any indication of the age of the pedestrian. The SamTrans drivers are very fond of talking on their cell phones. I would not be surprised if the struck pedestrian was old or young with headphones on. I hope that we get more of the real story.

    1. rod says:

      why are you overly opinated and hostel to drivers without facts??

  3. Anthony says:

    Maybe the driver didn’t see the person because the mirror on the driver side look a bit to high (on the newer buses). Other bus companies in the bay area have the mirrors lower. Look at the old buses (like the above picture) compared to the new buses (mirror is higher).

  4. SRogers says:

    To JD Williams, the article clearly states she was 52 and from Cupertino. She was a traveling nurse who worked in area hospitals.

  5. marty says:

    Tragic. My condolences to her family and friends. What a rotten way to go.

    Side note: Why are people wearing hospital scrubs out on the srtet in very unhygenic conditions? I wish I could be sure that they do not then wear them into the hospital or where eever there are sick people. Not only that, to go home wearing scrubs exposes passersby to grms and bacteria picked up in the workplace.

    1. mary kleider says:

      are you for real someones loved one DIES and all you can talk about was what she was wearing! GET A HEART WOULD YA!

      1. Sheila Bertrand says:

        Thank You Mary for saying that

    2. Susan Medrano-Cano says:

      I could wear regular clothes and have the same affect as if i was wearing scrubs what about that The victims sister May she rest in peace she will always be missed

  6. Sheila Bertrand says:

    This was my sister . She also worked at the fire dept. Please keep her family and friends in your prayers. As this is going to be hard on everyone. If anyone who knew her would like to write and tell me what the best thing they liked about Sheena and how she changed your like please do that for our family . Thanks . Bless you all.

    1. Richard Schlarb says:

      Sheila I was the truck driver that witnessed the incident. I will forever include you all in my prayers. Your sister seemed like such a loving individual. God bless and please if you can let me know how I may show my condolences or what you may feel more appropriate.

      1. Sheila Bertrand says:

        Richard thank you for posting on this site.. Please tell me was my sister in the right of way? or was it the bus who pulled out in front of her ! Just pray for our family and her husband and three kids.
        keep in touch as You will need to heal from this accident as well Richard. E mail at

    2. Terry Brau says:

      I was devastated to hear this horrible news last night. This is Terry Brau, fishy sissy, beloved friend and fellow coworker. She spoke so often and highly of you, her three children whom she was so proud of, Captain Rick, Cody and the rest of the guys that she loved at the station. I feel as though I know all of you. My words seem so lame and I’m having trouble expressing how sorry I am for your loss, all of our loss.

      Sheena had to be one of the kindest, most forgiving, delightfully funny, upbeat people I have ever met. She was always the first in line if someone (anyone) needed help. Whether that meant a shoulder to cry on….or putting together the next prank at the station. Basically, she made this big, scary world a better place and I feel honored to have known her.

      This accident is so unfair and simply senseless. I wish I could wrap my arms around you all and make this awful pain go away. Her last text to me was Christmas Day…Rejoice! Jesus Christ is Born! Merry Christmas from Sheena.

      I find hope and comfort in that. Terry ❤

  7. Susan Medrano-Cano says:

    She was my sister. and I loved her and i hurts that she is gone she was also my best friend may she rest in peace I will always remember her May the Lord take care of you

  8. Kim says:

    It was a sunny and cold,by Norhern California standards day today, when I happened on the scene at the point there was a temporary tent that had been erected behind the bus. After asking acouple of people what happened, it was an incredibly depressing feeling when I was told a women had been killed. The bus had obviously made a left form lytton on to University heading towards the 101 direction.
    This reinforces that life is short and fleeting, my condolences to the family.

  9. Lorraine says:

    To Sheena Barker’s family and friends; You have my deepest sympathies for your loss. I will keep your family in my prayers tonight.

  10. Sharon says:

    To Sheena’s Family, We are very sorry for the loss of your mom. You have been our neighbors for so long now and we are deeply sadden by this loss.

    Your mom was a kind person we always waived to each other she had such a beautiful smile and beautiful eyes. If you need anything please stop by we are here for your family any time. May you find some peace knowing the angels are taking very good care of her.. God Bless you and your Family our Neighbors

  11. Jon Maier says:

    Sheena was a coworker of mine. She was gracious and compassionate, patient and incredibly nice. She was always supportive. I can only aspire to be as good of a person as she was. I lost it when I saw the news tonight–hoping it wasn’t her.

    1. Terry says:

      I’m so sorry…and know exactly how you feel. When she found out we were both Pisces she sent me flowers for my birthday.the first year. That’s where the Fishy Sissy came from. Please give everyone a hug from me at the office.

      Terry B~

      1. Jon says:


        That sounds like Sheena! I’ll post up a pic (on her facebook wall) of the card she sent me at the office a couple years back.


  12. Sheila Bertrand says:

    please leave any comments on my sister on my web site and if anyone has any pictures to rememeber her with or good times you’ve had please pass them on so i can do something nice for her family.. god bless you sister and know i loved you you very much…

    1. Jon Maier says:

      Hi Sheila,

      What is your website? I would love to leave some comments and stories.



      1. Sheila Bertrand says:

        Jon Maier this is Sheila contact me at email address:

  13. Elissa says:

    Sheila and Susan – your lovely sister Sheena was killed on her way to Lytton Gardens, to take care of my mother. I am in total and complete shock, I just found out a few moments ago when my brother called. Sheena was the joy in my mother’s life: my mom had a serious stroke this year, and suffers intense physical, emotional, and mental trauma as a result. Sheena was the one person whom my mom bonded with after the stroke. Because of Sheena’s love and care, and her special way she had of relating to my mom, my mom found some comfort and solace during her illness. Our family cannot begin to thank or repay Sheena enough for all she has done. I definitely believe she was an Angel on Earth and now she is with the other Angels. I only hope she didn’t suffer – it sounds like it was quick. We haven’t told my mother yet because we are afraid for her health, she will go to pieces.

    1. Sheila Bertrand says:

      Elissa, Hello This is Sheila Sheena’s Sister, I’d really like to talk to you can you email me back at email address: Please !!

      1. Elissa says:

        Hi Sheila I just emailed you. If you didn’t receive it please let me know here. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.

  14. Nikki says:

    Sheena was a very special person who meant a lot to anyone who met her. She had lived through so many difficult things and it’s ridiculous that she was taken this way. This is a real shock to us.

    1. Sheila Bertrand says:

      Nikki can you email me so we can talk .. this is Sheila her sister. email me at :

  15. veronica says:

    Sheena always had a great smile on her face. I am so lucky to have known her, she may not have known how much she meant to me and how thankful I am to have met her. She was just so much fun to be around. I truly miss her.

  16. Melissa Stewart says:

    Although I did not have thr pleasure of knowing Sandra, I work for Campus West and I am truly sorry for your loss.

  17. Roxana Gonzalez says:

    I’m sorry for both bus Driver & person who los her live my deepth sympathy

  18. Claire says:

    Sheena was a close friend of my mom and a very kind person, and I have fond memories with her in them. She was always optimistic and very genuine. This was shocking and tragic news, and I am deeply sorry.

  19. Sheila Bertrand says:

    Everyone can light a candle in memory of Sheena Marie Barker , for my sister and her Loving Family ,www guess book for Sheena Marie Barker
    Thank You …. Your comments and Pictures are welcome.

  20. Chris oconnor says:

    Truly a tragedy for a very giving and special lady who dedicated her life to helping others, sadly missed by your Aussie mate Chris Oconnor

  21. Britt says:

    I met Sheena in Dallas and she made a lasting impression on me. I am in nursing school right now and she was an inspiration to me. She was a truly amazing person. Her light burned bright. I will miss the glow.

  22. Tracie says:

    Sheena was a co-worker of mine. She was kind, sweet, hard working and never had a bad word to say about anyone. She was a great mother and often spoke about her children and how much she loved them. I am heartbroken for them and the loss of their mother. Sheena you will be very, very missed. Rest in peace ❤

  23. Sheila says:

    Hello everyone, who knew or did’nt know my Sister Sheena. the family is asking anyone who has any pictures of her to send the to e mail address: or to they would like to post them .Hope you can help out. Thanks Sheila

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