SAN FRANCISCO (CBS/AP) — Electricity bills for some Pacific Gas and Electric Co. customers will climb slightly in the new year while others will see their rates decline.

PG&E said Thursday residential customers who use relatively little power will experience a 3 percent increase in rates starting Jan. 1.

Those who draw large amounts of electricity, on the other hand, will get a 2.6 percent rate cut.

That will help people with big homes and those in the Central Valley, where summer heat waves are common and lead to large electricity bills.

PG&E spokeswoman Christine Cordner tells the San Francisco Chronicle neither set of customers will see dramatic changes in their monthly bills.

Homeowners who use the most power will still pay a far higher electricity rate than homeowners who use far less.

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Comments (4)
  1. mmh says:

    FABULOUS. Those of us who chose to live “small” in order to leave small carbon footprints are penalized and the McMansion types get a break. I try SERIOUSLY all year long to keep my usage low, to the extent of being physically uncomfortable (down to freezing last night and have not used my furnace all winter) and what do I get? This SUCKS, PG&E.

  2. Tired of scams says:

    So if we are conservative we get charged more, (I wasn’t allowed to write what I wanted t about PG&E) and the RICH hamburgers who have ALL the money and huge homes, get to pay less…..sounds like discrimination to me….against poor, conservative people…….

  3. Eddie Black says:

    PG&E are out of control, we the people need to put them in there place. rates are going up not down. I live int he central valley, we pay out the nose just to keep cool. this year is different for me.. I[ll won’t use the AC and will stay hot, can’t afford to keep cool

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