Violent New Year’s Eve In Oakland Leaves 2 Dead, 5 Hurt

OAKLAND (AP) — Oakland police said two people are dead and five hospitalized with gunshot wounds after a violent 6-hour period that began Friday evening and ran through early Saturday.

In the first incident, police said a gunman opened fire around 6:30 p.m. as a 24-year-old woman and her 17-year-old brother were putting the woman’s infant daughter in a car outside their home.

Police said Christopher Jones, a senior at Castlemont High School, was pronounced dead at a hospital. His sister was shot in the foot.

About three hours later, police said a woman was critically wounded when someone opened fire into a hotel room during a New Year’s celebration.

The third shooting took place after midnight outside an apartment complex. One person, who has not been identified, died at the scene. Three others were wounded.

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  • Very sad

    It’s Oakland, where party and celebration mean bring your gun! New Years offers a time for new beginnings, but these incidents remind us that there are many among us intent on more of the same.

  • DEE

    Hey, it’s Oakland – what do you expect…

  • bleeding in oakland

    These people live by thw sword and die by the sword. Do we really need to investigate these crimes, NO. There is no solution. What is the motivation, CRACK, METH, or what??

    Oakland is a war zone. I hope we support OPD and understand when the shoot a suspect. We don’t have any choice this is a WAR.

    My thoughts and prayers go out the the families, may your loved ones rest in peace.

  • Mad Mike

    This is why I went to the Primus show on the 30th instead of last night….

  • Tom

    Just another weekend in Oakland.

  • cliff

    HAHAH..what else is new in oakland?

  • im not a racist

    let me guess they were either mexican or black.

    • Derek

      what about a crazy white person? or a mad arab?

  • Mis informed

    Oakland needs martial law or National Guard.

  • duhyes

    duh yes yes o-land hadduh big black shadow everwhere eat everything

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  • eduardo

    i dont know why this is news!!!!!!!!!

  • Bin Laden

    Happy New Year!

  • tn

    The city of Oakland should be appropriately renamed Croak Land.

  • j.mars

    mourn oakland

  • andy su

    Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the president don’t go to Oakland for a reason

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  • Jaz

    Wow. People can be so very ignorant! First off, lets state the fact the crime (including murder) happens everywhere. Also you cant say that your not a racist, when your putting the blame on a specific race. That’s being a racist dumb ass!! Black and Mexican are not the only race that commit crimes. Nor can you blame what is taking place on drugs. You prejudice ass people!!! Every body in Oakland doesn’t use drugs, there are very well educated people that come from Oakland. So get you facts straight. And every murder should be news, just because we are in Oakland doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be concerned about whats going on in out neighborhoods.

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