San Francisco Drivers Should Expect More Parking Tickets

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5 / AP) — Struggling to fill a $21 million budget shortfall, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency officials are putting driver’s on notice: Expect more parking tickets.

The agency said it had budgeted $99 million in parking ticket revenue this fiscal year, but that its parking police had not written enough citations.

Muni spokesman Paul Rose said that the agency would be redeploying its ticket issuers “to bring in the most revenue for the agency and the city.”

The agency reported it was up $9.6 million in anticipated expenses, and is down $11.6 million.

KCBS’ Margie Shafer Reports:

A formal presentation of the new budget plan was presented to Muni’s governing board on Tuesday.

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  • dev

    Can’t they think of some thing else rather than squeezing out the common man? state/fed/local taxes are already high, and paying taxes for every thing from groceries to hair cut saloons. Raise taxes on high income individuals earning $mill…

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  • rich

    Thats why i dont shop in SF

  • avg. Joe

    What the recently raised meter rates were not enough?

    I have a novel idea,reduce the cities cost like all the private businesses have done.

    Outsource as much as possible.Then you wont have 6 people standing around watching 2 others do the actual work.

  • Larry

    If they ticketed cyclists for breaking traffic laws they could make up the shortfall easily.

    Or- build a few strategic parking lots, charge fees. That way you’re selling a service and not just penalizing people.

    What a ridiculous city. Where is all the tax money going, anyway? I mean that seriously- I don’t see what the money is going towards.

  • Paul

    or the taxis…I called the candidates for supervisor before last election to ask them if they were going to continue with this destruction of quality of life and no one returned my calls. I guess they don’t think we mind. I’d rather increase taxes than these nuisance charges that ruin your day.

  • Karlito

    I hope drivers are extra careful when they park at a meter and remember to move their car when it’s street cleaning so SF DOESN’T get it’s revenue and is forced to make actual meaningful changes and/or cuts that mean somethings instead of unleashing this behavior on citizens. Shame shame shame.

  • Dirk

    Drivers don’t get parking tickets. Parkers get parking tickets.

  • Ex-WellsFargoEmployee

    Earlier in the year, I was working in the Financial District, and while walking to Safeway, I saw a parking control officer write up a ticket for a car parked at a meter, and there was still 5 minutes left on the meter. Shady!

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