Dumbarton Bridge Reopens After Jumper Threat

MENLO PARK (CBS 5 / BCN) — A man who threatened to jump off the Dumbarton Bridge Monday afternoon was safely taken into custody after a two-hour bridge closure that snarled traffic, authorities said.

The California Highway Patrol said it received multiple reports about 2:30 p.m. of a man sitting on the rail of the bridge. A short time later, one of the man’s friends also called the CHP and said that the man was going to jump.

Traffic on the bridge was shut down in both directions, and a negotiating team from the Menlo Park Police Department responded to the scene, police spokeswoman Nicole Acker said.

The U.S. Coast Guard also sent out a 25-foot boat from Station San Francisco in case the man jumped.

The negotiating team initially had trouble getting through to the man, who was not allowing them to get closer than 20 feet to him, Acker said.

However, they were eventually able to talk the man off the rail, and he was safely taken into custody at 4:36 p.m., Acker said.

The roadway was reopened as of 4:45 p.m., but the CHP said it still expected major delays on the bridge during the evening commute in the aftermath of the incident.

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  • Patric Cliff Wright Andorfer

    I say grab him toss him over and let the boat pick him up

  • Kiko cruz

    Just jump and get it over with so I can go home!

  • mscott408

    it would be awesome if he/she were just ignored. jump or don’t idiot.

  • jenh

    Just jump

  • Kdog

    If he dont jump, Im gonna push him. I want to go home!

  • flaggot

    what a selfish dolt
    id beat him senseless

  • Jennifer Nunez Lee

    tell him to just jump already!!! so all traffic can use the dumbarton bridge and get off my san mateo!!! OMG

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  • jj

    PLEASE just JUMP… need push call me.

  • Jack

    Interesting. You’re complaining that he’s selfish, but all you really care about is how your commute is.

    • LC

      Who’s more selfish, one guy who chose to waste thousands of commuters’ time or any one of those commuters who has no control over the situation?

      • iamright

        jack? moar like jack ash


  • http://blin90.wordpress.com/2011/01/11/dumbarton-bridge-reopens-after-jumper-threat/ Dumbarton Bridge Reopens After Jumper Threat « Ben's Weblog

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  • Sam

    Would you still encourage him to jump if you found out that he was someone related to you? A brother or maybe a cousin or your father? Well, he is someone’s brother or cousin or father. For you it is just another day of commute, for him it is the worse day of his life. You will get home eventually. Will he?

    • ihateidiots

      No, because his a$s is gonna be in jail.

  • Steve

    To jump or not to jump, who cares. But, why did these idiot officials have to close all lanes…IN BOTH DIRECTIONS? Can’t these incompetents control 1 lunatic?

    • Jack

      Steve, a long time public servant with several years of police training, clearly knows better than those hired to be police officers. Why he retired and denied the CHP the benefit of his expertise, I’ll never understand.

      (You do have experience in this area, right Steve? I am not wrong about that, am I?)

  • Mark

    It’s time we started treating these self-centered jerks as exactly what they are: kidnappers. True, I did not have a gun to my head, but I was deprived of my ability to get home and freedom of mobility in general. This dunce was effectively holding thousand of innocent citizens hostage, and could well have caused deaths if ambulances were stuck in that traffic.

    Give these dopes three choices: surrender, jump, or prepare to be shot. And the only time the road should be closed is if they are armed, and that can quickly be remedied with a bullet.

    • steve


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  • eddie

    I really feel that these jumpers are just terrorists who are testing our methods and resources. Notice they don’t give the name of the guy? I can just see a scenario where they post terrorist on all the bridges at the same time and just shut us down.They don’t need bombs they could cost us millions by about 10 guys at once. The authorities really need to figure a worst case scenario in this kind of eventuallity.

  • trucker jim

    I hate those officials,they denied this jerk fulfillment of his/her intention, .by the way golden gate is a better option for that jerk cause there’s nothing but mud below dumbarton.

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