REDWOOD CITY (BCN) – San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office apprehended a suspect in a residential burglary Monday morning, a spokesman said.

Deputies responded to reports of a burglary at around 11:20 a.m. in the 700 block of 7th Avenue in unincorporated Redwood City, Lt. Ray Lunny said.

The victim said that she had confronted the suspect with her firearm as the suspect was trying to break into her home, Lunny said.

She said that the suspect fled southbound on Spring Street and gave a description to the deputies at the scene, Lunny said.

Deputy Antonio Villalobos, one of the responders at the scene, remembered seeing a person matching the suspect’s description earlier that morning near Marsh Manor Shopping Center, Lunny said.

Villalobos returned to the area and found the suspect on the 3700 block of Florence Street, Lunny said.

Raymond Garcia, 27, of Redwood City was detained by the deputies and was later identified by the victim as the man who tried to burglarize her home, Lunny said.

Garcia was arrested for attempted residential burglary and parole hold and was booked into the San Mateo County Jail, Lunny said.

Anyone with information regarding this case is encouraged to contact Detective Lisandro Lopez at (650) 363-4055 or call the Sheriff’s Office Anonymous Witness Line at (800) 547-2700.

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Comments (20)
  1. NRA Life Member says:

    Another instance of a lawfully possessed firearm thwarting a serious crime and probably preventing a tragedy. If this lady had not been armed, and because of that, empowered to protect herself and property, I fear this story would have had a much more gruesome outcome.

    The real shocking fact here is that the liberal Ban Francisco media even published this story. Law abiding citizens leaglly use firearms to prevent crimes and protect lives and property many thousands of times every year, but you rarely hear about them here because the liberal media wants everyone to believe that guns are evil. Like any other machine, firearms are only a tool. Their usage depends upon the operator. Law abiding citizens with legally owned and carried firearms are only a danger to criminals.

  2. Comeonenow says:

    I agree and could not have said it better myself.

  3. Lucy says:

    LOVE IT!!! I am so happy to finally hear a story of someone being able to defend themselves. Anyone who dares to break into someone’s home should be shot. PERIOD! I am sick of all the criminals and our weak legal system that gives them a slap on the wrist. No one should have to ever feel threatened. My husband and I have guns in our home and you best believe we will use them if someone tries to break into our home.

  4. Law Obeying Citizen says:

    Guns do NOT kill people. PEOPLE kill people.

    1. apdd says:

      Actually, the bullets do….

      1. NRA Life Member says:

        Actually, a bullet is just a quantity of lead and copper (usually). The bullet is propelled my expanding gases from gun powder contained in the case, ignited by a primer which is initiated by a strike from a firing pin, which is propelled by a spring, which is released by the trigger, which is pulled by the person. Without these actions, started by the person, a bullet does nothing.

  5. Contra Costa Open Carry says:

    This is just one of over 4100 LAWFUL gun uses that happen in this country every day.
    Good job,

  6. Jay Vee says:

    Gun control only REMOVES guns of CITIZENS! criminals can get any gun anytime they wish even banned guns. Who else took guns away from citizens ohh yeah Hitler in the name of public safety. Look how that turned out.

    1. Melania says:

      Perfectly said Jay Vee!

  7. To hell with liberals says:

    Way to go, home owner!

  8. Randy Fleming says:

    Shoot him!

  9. Rodger says:

    No indication she had — or needed — a semi-automatic or an AK-47 or a Uzi. Gun CONTROL is not gun PROHIBITION.

    But it’s a problem that legally-owned guns by NON-law-abiding citizens are a threat to one and all. Including politicians, judges, 9-year-old girls, and bystanders of all sorts.

    As are non-legally-owned guns in the hands of non-law-abiding citizens who have stolen them from negligent gun owners.

    And legally-owned — but unsecured — guns in the hands of 4- and 5-year-olds kill too many children.

    1. KKC says:

      All the examples you quoted are already illegal For example, it’s a crime to allow children access to unsecured firearms.
      See CA penal code 12035(a)(5)(b)

      Are you suggesting we should make all these illegal behaviors more illegal?

      Tell me why a criminal or some crazy person hell bent on murder would be swayed by these laws?

      Regarding what types of firearms, by your logic, should the government have ability to CONTROL what kind of car you can own?
      Nobody needed a gas guzzling SUV, right? Or the clothes you wear?
      Shoes? Mobile phone? Computer? Books? Power tools? etc.

      This is still a free country, I should be able to buy and own anything
      I want as long as I ‘m not hurting anybody.

  10. joeUser says:

    falling bricks kill people too, perhaps we should ban them too

  11. GunsAreForCowards says:

    Hey gun cowards, in Arizona you can legally carry a concealed weapon, did that stop Jared Loughner? You pathetic little wimps.

    1. KKC says:

      That’s not the right question to ask. You should be asking where the police is. Remember when seconds count, the police is only minutes away. Oh, except the Supreme Court has ruled that the police has no obligation to protect you as an individual.

  12. Salvador says:

    Guns are for hunting and protection.

  13. LoveGunsButNotInTheHome says:

    If she hadn’t been home, then like the thousands of guns used by criminals in this country every day, her handgun would have been stolen and used to commit other crimes. That’s where most of criminals’ guns come from – YOUR house. Not from some arms dealer. If there were fewer guns, period, there would be fewer guns stolen, and fewer guns finding their way to the streets and the criminals.

    When was the last time you heard of collateral damage from a drive-by baseball-batting? Guns are impersonal, rapid and efficient, they make violence and death way too easy.

    1. KKC says:

      Guns are not cheap. The homeowner is stupid if she doesn’t lock up
      her valuables when she’s away. Would you leave significant amount of cash or jewelry lying around?

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