San Francisco School Kids Hospitalized After Eating Rat Poison

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5 / KCBS / AP / BCN) — Seven San Francisco middle school students were taken to hospitals Thursday after apparently mistaking rat poison for candy, according to authorities.

The sixth grade students from the Martin Luther King Jr. Academic Middle School in the city’s Portola District were taken to three hospitals at 12:08 p.m. after ingesting a blue cube they found atop a filing cabinet.

San Francisco Fire Department Lt. Mindy Talmadge said emergency crews were called to the school after one of the students told a parent that “she and some of her friends had eaten some rat poisoning.” A teacher later called poison control.

“Only two of them really ingested it, the others kind of licked it,” Talmadge said.

She indicated that while the children – boys and girls all between the ages of 10 and 12 – showed no symptoms, they were taken to hospitals as a precaution so doctors could evaluate them.

“This type of poison is basically a blood thinner and it’s got a delayed type of effect,” Talmadge said. “The amount (consumed) was so miniscule that we’re not expecting them to have any symptoms at all.”

KCBS’ Doug Sovern Reports:

School officials said the incident was under investigation.

“The vice principal is actually going to each class and informing kids that if you don’t know what something is then you don’t want to put it in your mouth,” said SFFD Battalion Chief Michael Thompson.

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  • Dumb kids

    Perhaps these kids should stay in middle school a little longer if they are that stupid.

    • Trisha Lin

      dude were just mide schoolers

      • AlyssaLikes Cookiez

        YEAHH WHAT SHE SAID! ^^ -___-

      • Trisha Lin

        LOL add me on facebook u go to mlk right?

    • someone

      your dumb for saying that. those kids mistakin it and you must be dumb yourself for saying that

      • itsme

        The kids being dumb isn’t that big of a stretch. Come on. 10-12 year olds picking stuff up and putting it in their mouths???? Maybe they should go back to kindergarten. Then maybe they will learn NOT TO PUT STUFF IN THEIR MOUTHS!!!!

    • LOL


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  • NRA Life Member

    Hopefully, the miniscule amount of rat poison ingested is enough to make these mental midgets sterile.

    • Trisha Lin

      DUDE what if their short? maybe there taller than u , u dunno

      • SMH

        Maybe you should learn to use correct grammar first. They’re, There, and Their. To think you would at least use one of them correctly, but you managed to use two of the wrong ones… They’re would be the correct word you are looking for and yes, these are some ignorant teenagers.

  • David Zhao

    I am one of the student from mlk middle school and the rat poisoning looks like candy to us.

    • Cody Branham

      me too i go to mlk its shocking

      • David Zhao

        cody you in 6th grade right?

      • barack obama

        Hey Cody I know you.I went to El Dorado with you and your that fat kid and you have a big brother.Everyone calls you fat

  • Trisha Lin

    David u would comment and say u went to mlk :P and its me trisha

    • David Zhao

      trisha?what sup

  • Idiots

    Looks to me that all these kids are stupid. ha, ha, ha,ha.

  • Von

    These kids are not dumb . people who say theyre dumb are the ones who are dumb

  • Von

    anyone couldve mistaken the rat poison as candy or food .

    • David Zhao

      ya and they said it tasted like cookies

    • LOL

      I agree, anyone could have mistaken rat poison with candy or food. But, it is eating what you believe is candy on a random file cabinet which makes you truly an idiot.

  • Jennie

    I would think at 10-12 these Children would know better to put strange things into their mouths. My son is 6 and knows better then to do that. Hopefully their parents talk to them and remind then about not putting stuff into their mouths.

  • Vinson Lin

    green cookie rotten food :o

  • VERY dumb kids

    Your age and maturity (or lack of) is showing. No matter what it looked like, why would you eat something that you FOUND on top of a cabinet?! Have any of you heard of COMMON SENSE?!

    • smartnicekid

      because it was lunch time

    • kid

      Okay first of all i was there and 2 kids had got it from another class and brought it to a whole different class and nobody knew until a student from the class next door told us and that when they went to the office so before you say something so rude you NEED TO THINK Before you say

  • tn

    They’re fooled probably tasted like the cafeteria food anyway. Dirty rats. I smell a rat that these kids did it on a dare. Why is it that it seems like more than its fare share that the crimes and negative press seems to always happen, no matter where in the U.S., either on “Martin Luther King Jr Drive or School?”

  • Former MLK kid

    Wow…. MLK is getting so stupid lately.
    I’m surprised at how kids are so immature and offered it to other kids.
    I just graduated from that school almost 2 years ago too.
    The ones that offered the rat poison should just show themselves instead of getting covered for.

    • Former MLK kid

      As from all of the comments above don’t mistake for what the media said because some of it isn’t true and I will not give out any information on this incident, since I don’t know all about it myself.

      • LOL

        Let’s not try to make this a bigger deal than it already is, although I do agree the media may have not given a complete story.

  • Dumb and dumber

    Dumb, dumb, dumb.

  • Can we feed them more?

    Man, this comments are classic! Top marks to NRA and Dumb Kids. Both spot on


    Wow . u guys dont get the story . 2 kids tricked the other 7 kids saying that the rat poison was candy or cookie . i was there when this happend .

  • mytien6

    is candy but they taste like cookies

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