SAN JOSE (BCN) — The suspected shooter in an apparent murder-suicide at a San Jose shopping center Saturday night had accused the victim of murdering his sister, police said Sunday.

The two men, San Jose residents Wayne Sanchez, 52, and Maurice Nasmeh, 46, were having a conversation at a Red Robin restaurant in the El Paseo de Saratoga Shopping Center about 9:20 p.m., police said.

According to police, Sanchez accused Nasmeh of murdering his sister, 42-year-old Jeanine Harms, who went missing on July 27, 2001.

<strong>KCBS’ Tim Ryan Reports:</strong>

Sanchez left the restaurant, but later returned.

Nasmeh reportedly left the restaurant when Sanchez returned, police said.

Sanchez followed Nasmeh to nearby Peet’s Coffee, where the two continued to talk.

Sanchez then reportedly shot and killed Nasmeh and walked a short distance to the parking lot, police said.

Officers arriving on scene thought they heard a gunshot and subsequently found Sanchez dead in the parking lot due to an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. Nasmeh was located shortly afterward, police said.

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Comments (34)
  1. february guest says:

    What are the odds that these 2 individuals bump into each other at the restaurant?

  2. long says:

    duh hello the guy like each other so dey them die together

  3. Garrick Roshau says:

    That’s crazy that he was eating at Red Robin…that place sucks

  4. julie says:

    Wow, this story has had so many twists and turns. Unfortunately now, no one will ever know what happened to Jenine. How tragic that the family lost two members due to this guy’s actions.

  5. Mary Garza/Loper says:

    My family was very close friends to Wayne Sanchez. He grew up in the same neighborhood we did. My Brother, Philip Loper went to High School with him. That was his best buddy.
    He was such a nice young man. Always polite & engaging.

    We are grieving……

    1. James in Oregon says:

      Please forward my email address to phil

  6. Kenny Thomas says:

    Small world. I knew Maurice(through the local music scene) and my late guitarist worked with Jenine. All these years and we have always been beside ourselves over the whole thing and now this? Tragic and sad. I followed the case closeley over the years and it seems that sometimes folks really do take the law into thier own hands….Shocked to hear about this and what a strange twisted ending to this saga…or is it? Kenny Thomas(Kenny Thomas And The Southern Baptists,The Kenny Thomas Radio Show)

  7. SethM says:

    I knew Wayne Sanchez also, and he was a really Good Man. He always treated everyone with respect and kindness. The tragic event that unfolded here still has me in shock. A few days ago, Wayne told me he wished me well in my life, which at the time was odd, but now i’m just glad I had the opportunity to hear that from him. R.I.P. Wayne Sanchez

  8. the equalizer says:

    Wayne, you did the right thing for your sister Jeanine. There is no doubt that you killed the right man in your sister’s honor . Sometimes vigilante justice has to be done. I’ve been reading about this case for years. NASMEH KILLED JEANINE HARMS. There is no doubt. Finally, justice has been served. RIP Wayne and Jeanine. I have a old beat up persian rug for Nasmeh if a coffin isn’t in the financial cards. We can roll him up in it just for old times sake. He likes that kinda thing.

    1. Tyron Biggins says:

      the equilzer, you seem pretty confident you know she was killed. How is that?? No one ever found her therefore you cannot prove anything. Her brother just killed someone’s son, husband and father so watch what you say. Karma is a Beyotchhhh

  9. Kat says:

    I just find it tragic for his poor parents. First, they lose their daughter, now their son! Not only that, he leaves behind his two daughters. SAD!!!

  10. Ken says:

    I don’t know any of the parties involved, I am happy to say. Unfortunately, it is true that police investigators, judges and juries sometimes bungle cases pretty badly and the only recourse those who are at a loss have is to either leave matters in the hands of G_D, or to take matters into their own hands. Either way, the innocent and the aggrieved are judged, sometimes fairly and sometimes not.

  11. Paul says:

    The system failed. Wayne had no choice. RIP

  12. Marci says:

    I have always remembered that story and have always wondered what happened to her. I don’t understand how the brother really knew that Nasmeh killed his sister. Maybe he really wasn’t 100% sure so he knew that he would spend the rest of his years in jail so he rather end his life. It is a weird story and it seems now no one will ever know what happened to Jeanine. If her brother really cared, he would of continued to force the authorties to investigate her disapearance. He did her no favors by what he did.

  13. Lucy says:

    Okay. Listen up ladies. When are they going to learn that you cannot leave with a man you just meet. Jeanine left that bar with a guy she did not know and she ends up missing. HELLO! Remember Natalie Holloway?? She did the same thing and none of these girls have ever been found. Women need to start making responsible choices. There are crazy people in this world so please be safe! This is really a sad story and instead of pushing the authorties to keep investigating her disapearance, her brother did her no justice.

    1. Big Mac says:

      I agree with Lucy. I remember hearing about this when it happened. I was 23 and living in Campbell. My friends and I would go to rock bottom frequently. I was single at the time and believe me, I would of never left with a stranger. You just cannot trust anyone these days. jeanine made a real dumb choice that day. All of this could of been prevented if she only a smarter decision.

  14. Hummmm says:

    So these two “happened” to be at the same restaurant?? The whole story is very suspicion. Why would the brother turn the gun on himself unless he had some involvement with her disapearance. All so strange.

  15. Mike W says:

    None of you have a clue except that Wayne was an awesome person as was his sister. I know the family very well and none of this should have happened. Nobody asked what Maurice told Wayne but I’m willing to bet it wasn’t good. I know this case personally and Maurice said things that were NOT true about what happened so he was guilty in several words. No guarantees in life but I could have guaranteed you Maurice you picked the wrong family to hurt. We will miss you forever Wayne and we can only hope to be as brave as you…see you soon enough my friend (hope they have fishing in heaven buddy).

    1. James in Oregon says:

      What the hell was this guy doing in Jeanine’s neighborhood anyway He was asking for it. And now we lost Wayne too. I’m so freakin depressed My thoughts are with Craig Jess and Georgette I knew Wayne since 1973. He was better than most.

      1. Shaniqua Jackson says:

        First of all James, You do not live here so you do not have a clue. Westgate is in San Jose NOT Campbell. Secondly, the man that was killed had every right to eat where he wanted to eat. You should not be commenting on something you really do not know about.

    2. Innocent Bystanders says:

      I’m sure the people that had to lock themselves in the bathroom at Pete’s while Maurice was being murdered would agree with Wayne’s actions that night being described as “brave”

      1. Innocent Bystanders says:

        I meant to say they would NOT agree with Mike W.’s saying that Wayne was brave.

  16. Mark says:

    It’s just too bad our legal system let the murderer go free, and the poor victim’s brother had to set things right himself and then commit suicide to avoid becoming a victim of the same flawed system. Two wrongs do not make a right, but sometimes it is a close as we can get to justice.

  17. Maddie says:

    I remembered when I was a little kid when she first went missing and I always wondered what happened to her. Jeanine’s best friend was actually my neighbor back then and I remember how sad she was when this happened. It was really a coincidence when my family was talking about her earlier Saturday then we hear this Sunday.

  18. James in Oregon says:

    By the way HUMMM you’re an imbecile

    1. James in Oregon says:

      Hey Shaniqua, I grew up 3minutes walking distance from BOTH the Sanchez’s house and the shopping center. I know the whole family very well. They are all GOOD PEOPLE Nasmeh could go anywhere to eat He ATE LEAD for his choices You are the one ignorant of the facts so EAT THIS

  19. Hummmm says:

    I love you too James!!

  20. Maria says:

    Nice how everyone is justifying the killing of Maurice. He was not charged with any crime. How dare someone just take it upon themselves to go and kill someone. Jeanine also was never found so how in the world would someone say that she was killed. You cannot go around being a vigilante. That Wayne guy obvicously was not a great person. He carries around a gun?? He just happened to run into the Maurice?? The only sad part of the story is that an innocent man was killed. Now, we will never know what happened to Jeanine.

  21. James in Oregon says:

    Maria I’ll bet you didn’t know either man and you get all your info from media. That would explain the gaping hole in your logic. Wayne was a great person and the likes of you can’t sully that with your sophmoric pronouncements. Nasmeh should feel lucky that Wayne and the families’ many friends ALLOWED that SOB 10 more years. There was no shortage of people ready to take him out a long time ago but everybody trusted the authorities to do their jobs. If you want somethi ng done right ya just have to do it yourself

  22. SM says:

    Maria, as James said, you don’t know enough about this case to make an accurate assumption on why these events acually took place. Wayne Sanchez was a great man, and I know this because I knew him for a few years leading up to this, and he was always kind and respectfull to everyone around him. Maurice was arrested for murder, held in prison, almost convicted, and then let off on a technicality! I’m just sayin

  23. Wendy Exactly says:

    If Nasmeh did the crime, we’ll never hear an admission now, unless his brother does the right thing and tells the DA where Jeanine’s body is. That is doubtful.
    I understand Wayne’s frustration, the justice system just didn’t do their job, and that is the reason two more people are now dead.
    There are many things that just don’t make sense. Jeanine invited both men to her place, probably because Wilson gave her the creeps. Her gut instinct was telling her something. Nasmeh wasn’t her “type” – so why invite him? For protection? If Nasmeh was going to dump the rug after a crime, he wouldn’t dump it near his home, he’s smarter than that. And with this history, why would Nasmeh choose to dine in the vicinity of the Sanchez’ family home? Wayne was a regular at the Red Robin, was he tipped off? Was it just a chance encounter?
    But what if a body is found up on Mt Hamilton? On Alex Wilson’s family land or thereabouts?

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