OAKLAND (CBS/AP) – Oakland Mayor Jean Quan says the city’s popular police chief has told her he is a finalist for the top cop job in San Jose.

Chief Anthony Batts has lead the Oakland department since late 2009. He has overseen a drop in serious crime, as well as a shrinking of the force due to city budget woes.

Quan said Monday that Batts told her last week he was a top candidate for San Jose police chief but asked her to keep the information confidential.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported Sunday that Batts was in the running.

The Oakland Police Department did not immediately return messages seeking comment.

San Jose has been without a permanent leader since Chief Rob Davis retired in November. The city of nearly 1 million has more than twice the population of Oakland with about a quarter of the homicides.

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Comments (5)
  1. gail mitchell says:

    just hold on a got-dog minute, who say what……what happend to our good representation ; you cant win.e-eye-e-eye-o.

  2. Shirley Drake says:

    Just caught your 5:00 AM Newscast this morning and wanted to thank the station for your new field reporter, Sonja Shin. She is very professional and adds a lot of class to your early morning show. Keep up the good work.
    Long time viewer.

  3. George Frank says:

    Good Riddance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This shrimp of a man will have left no legacy whatsoever at OPD. I hope SJPD has done it’s due diligence, but please take him anyway. This twirp also refused to address his troops when he realized that they realized what kind of media loving non-police poser he really was. Good riddance….even Quan can’t even give him props!

  4. George Frank says:

    And to give Batts any credit fior Oakland’s decrease in crime is rediculous. Oakland’s crime rate continues to follow national trends of decline and has not dipped anything more below below these. If Batts had done anything special to combat crime there would have been further increases in crime reduction. The simple truth is that he has done NOTHING….ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AT ALL. Ask any cop at OPD confidentially and they will echo these sentiments. Ask them what he has contributed and they will tell you that the only thing he has done for the department is put up a security gate keeping the public from police vehicles and NOT ONE THING MORE…he is nothing but a politico masquerading as a cop.

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