SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) — Home appliances are expected to last several years. But when Ken Teng bought a brand new refrigerator two years ago, he never imagined it would turn into an ice machine.

“There’s a slot or vent you’ll see the accumulation of the ice,” Teng said. The refrigerator is two years old. But in the last year Teng said he’s been forced to scrap the ice off. “If you don’t chip the ice, the ice will accumulate.”

For Teng, getting his fridge fixed comes with a price tag, since the one year warranty is no longer in effect. Richard Holober with The Consumer Federation of California said it’s unusual for a refrigerator to break down after a few years of use.

“A refrigerator is expected to last about 15 years,” he said. Holober adds if an appliance breaks down within a reasonable time frame the company should repair it at no cost.

Unfortunately, Holober adds there is no legal requirement for a company to make repairs after the warranty expires. But it may help to go on the web and post comments. “Companies monitor those websites to see who’s saying what,” he said.

Teng decided to email CBS 5 ConsumerWatch where producer Jessica Ayala contacted GE and agreed to waive the fee to send a service technician out plus the cost of any parts. But Teng would have to pay for the labor. “They’re making some token effort,” Holober said.

For Teng, that token of effort is no consolation since he paid over $1,500 just two years ago. “This one may be fancy, but don’t go for the look because mechanically there is something wrong,” he said.

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Comments (7)
  1. Dixie says:

    Don’t buy GE. I have an Amana that’s 16 years old and still running like new. My last Amana lasted well over 20 years.

  2. Zarita says:

    Give me a break. Yes they should last 15 years, but that doesn’t mean without any repairs. If you don’t like the length of the warranty, don’t buy it. Or buy an extended warranty. Of course over a lifetime, out of all the products you purchase, chances are you will end up with lemon here and there. But I wouldn’t considered something a lemon the first time a repair is needed.

  3. obvious says:

    What a dummy. There are websites that specialize in free advise. Or better yet ask a local parts department, they know . or company website, ask technical , just have model & serial #. Just ask. Chinese always want free. His solution: new temp control and door gasket. The end

  4. Wino! says:

    Well, what do you expect? He drinks wine out of a box!

  5. Cynthia Speakman says:

    How timely on this subject. Yesterday my repair tech call GE and got parts to replace the control panel on my GE Profile Refrig. My machine also was turning everything to ice. I paid $3500.00 for this machine 1 year and 3 months ago. My tech was told I would have to pay for labor also. This sounds like it may be a trend? If I had to pay for this control panel it would have cost me $800.00 plus just for the part. Come on GE whats up?

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