SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – State Senator Leland Yee of San Francisco is calling on conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh to apologize for mocking Chinese President Hu Jintao’s speech Wednesday.

Yee said that on Limbaugh’s show, the host complained about a Fox News broadcast that omitted translation of Hu’s words, and then mocked them with gibberish meant to simulate Chinese speech.

“It just reminds me of when I was a little boy growing up here in San Francisco when people would make fun of our language, the Chinese language,” said Yee. “I think over the years we’ve become a lot more educated about the diversity of languages around the world, and being caring and respectful of these diversities.”

Yee chairs the state Senate Select Committee on Asian Pacific Islander Affairs, and said Limbaugh owes the Chinese community an apology for his racist comments. He said that amid calls for civility, the tone of the comments is ignorant and embarrassing for the U.S. Yee is urging audiences to contact Limbaugh’s show and complain.

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan and San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee attended a state dinner Wednesday at the White House at which Hu, President Obama and the first lady were present.

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Comments (15)
  1. NRA Life Member says:

    Hey Senator Yee, maybe you should educate yourself on the Constitution of The United States. Especially, The Bill of Rights, particularly, The First Amendment guaranteeing freedom of speech. If you don’t like what Mr Limbaugh says, don’t listen to him. Just don’t try to impose your will on others. Where is your tolerance? Where is your acceptance of diversity, hipocrite?

    Mr Limbaugh is only exercising his rights -OR- are you more aligned with Dictator Hu and wish to squelch a citizen’s freedoms? Remember where you are. You’re not in China any more, Toto.

    1. Ca Native Pete says:

      Hey gunslinger, what’s wrong with showing the rest of the world that this great country can have a little class sometimes?

    2. Ceel Cappelletty says:

      Where’s the like button? Class my ass Pete! How about we show we’re sick and tired of this politacally correct BS being shoved down our throats! Lighten up peepsez!

  2. Raw Limbarf says:

    Why would anyone worry about what a fat, bald, deaf guy would say or think?

    1. Mad Mike says:

      Well apparently MSNBC worries about what he has to say because you can’t watch a single show on that network without someone bringing him up…..

  3. Mad Mike says:

    First Sara Palin, now Rush. Way to score points with your loony left buddies Senator Yee…….

  4. grokpaint says:

    Apparently alleged humor in the 1960’s style of Jerry Lewis’ “Oriental” is still in fashion among the mouth breathing illiterati. Wait a moment, what is that pained expression on Rush’s face? Oh, it’s nothing…he’s just trying to think. He always did have a great face for radio.

  5. Mad Mike says:

    ….and why did CBS remove the first post? Didn’t say anything wrong!! But insulting Rush is OK, is that the message?

  6. Patric Cliff Wright Andorfer says:

    its a radio show and personally if I cant laugh at it. Maybe I have lived in this country to long

  7. BudM says:

    I am ASIAN and I think it is funny.
    Hey YEE, this is not COMMUNIST RED CHINA! We have free speech here not like your motherland. Are you AMERICAN or CHINESE? May be you like slave labor and dictator in CHINA.

  8. tn says:

    Rush Limbaugh thinks he’s Bobby Slayton, 30 years ago performing at The Punchline…

  9. tn says:

    Rush wing the wong number. He could’ve used a better and more talented writer and done something a little more intelligent and thought-provoking like the Abbott & Costello “Hu’s On First?” routine, or Dr Seuss’ “Horton Hears A Hu” or the one-hit-wonder “Hu Let The Dogs Out.” On the second thought, forget the dog comment…

  10. Ex-NRA Life Member says:

    Rush knows better not to make any racist comments about Blacks…hell would break loose, riots, filghts, and looting. Racist MOFO!!

  11. CMV says:

    someone actually listens to Rush? come on…you can find better things to do, like hitting your thumb with a hammer.

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