Victim’s Family Sues Schwarzenegger Over Clemency

SACRAMENTO (KCBS) – Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is being sued for shortening the sentence of former Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez’s son.

In his final day in office, Schwarzenegger cut the 16-year sentence for Esteban Nunez to seven years.

Nikki Medoro Reporting:

The 21-year-old was convicted for his role in the stabbing death of 22-year-old Luis Santos on the San Diego State University campus in 2008.

The Santos family is suing Schwarzenegger and the California Department of Corrections for violating Proposition 9, or Marsy’s law. That measure was passed by voters in 2008, amending the State Constitution to provide greater rights for victims of crime.

“Such as the right to be noticed, the right to be heard,” said Nina Salarno-Ashford, an attorney for the Santos family.

Salarno-Ashford said the Santos family and prosecutors were never notified about the possible commutation.

The victim’s father, Fred Santos, said the family is ready to take the case all the way to the Supreme Court.

“We owe it to my son. We owe it to my family,” he said. “We owe it to other victims out there. We have to stand up for our rights. If we don’t, who else will.”

The family is looking for the original sentence to be reinstated.

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  • Eric

    Way to go family! Just because Daddy is a politician does mean a get out of jail free card! If you commit the crim, do the time. You know the family is honest and not looking to make a buck because they are asking for the original sentence to be reinstated, no money, sounds like political favors and power to our leaders is too much.

  • mechanic

    This kid, Nunez is a bad seed all the way through. Check out this link to see what an “upstanding, good, kid” he really was: What a POS. Hope he stays in prison for a very long time! Don’t give up Santos Family!

  • wt

    It’s tragic to have had a man as leader of the State to engage in this kind of abhorrent action. It’s clear that he was/is not cognizant of what justice really means and, as a man, he should be petrified to look himself in the mirror. This is a slap in the face of justice and the utmost disregard for human life for the sake of a political favor. (And the guy contemplated being the President of the United States, as if we needed more shame.)

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