SACRAMENTO (KCBS) — A lawsuit that challenges the constitutionality of the President’s Health care reform law has caught the attention of Democratic attorneys general around the nation including California Attorney General Kamala Harris.

Critics of President Obama’s health care reform say it’s unconstitutional to force people to carry insurance as the new law mandates, and they have filed suit to undo that provision. Now nine attorneys general, including Harris, have joined together to file an amicus brief in defense of the law.

KCBS’ Barbara Taylor Reports: 

“The minimal coverage provision is essential to the regulatory scheme of providing affordable health care and insurance to all Americans,” she said.

Harris said if the court throws out the minimum coverage provision, costs will rise, premiums will rise and insurance companies will continue to discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions.

Lawsuits are pending in several states, and last month one federal judge ruled that while the overall law is legal, the mandate that requires everyone to have health coverage is not. While a legal battled is being waged in the courts, Republicans are trying to undo health care reform in congress.

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  1. Rt in Danville says:

    We are mandated to have insurance with cars, homes, bank loans, fitness gyms, dogs. Why wouldn’t you want to insure your most valuable asset …. You.
    There are two types of people who are against insurance.
    1. Insurance companies because they lose a small percentage of their billions in profit (why is there profit in insurance ? What product do they make ?).
    2. People who like getting free medical care from emergency rooms and public clinics (Repubs and Demos nationwide both benefit from socialed free medical care).

    1. Mad Mike says:

      The difference with all the items you listed and health care is those are items you CHOOSE to own (liberals are ALL about choice, right?) No one FORCES you to buy them. And therefore you are only “mandated” to buy insurance for them if you choose to won them. If the government can force us to buy healthcare, what’s next? The type of food you can eat? The type of house you can live in? The type of car you can drive?

      1. Rt in Danville says:

        Mad Mike, you fell for my trap and made a statement that healthcare should be mandatory. Yes, Cars and homes are choices but we are mandated to insure them. We did NOT choose to be born but we ALL eventually use healthcare. Using your logic, you have no problem with 55 million people getting insurance for free which is paid for by higher premiums by those who have insurance and by tax payer dollars. “Stop healthcare welfare and make everyone accountable.” It’s the Republican way.

  2. Junkyard Wolf says:

    Excuse me, you only have to have car insurance IF you drive a car, it is not mandated for everyone to have it. and once your home is paid off no one says you have to insure it either.

    1. Mad Mike says:

      The fact this story left out is more than half the states in the union have joined the lawsuit AGAINST Obamacare. In a state that elected Democrats to every state office it could when the rest of the country rejected liberal idealism for the most part means the actions of Harris are not surprising…

  3. Mad Mike says:

    Harris is just scoring points with her liberal base. The fact is this lawsuit will go to the Supreme Court to be decided and what Harris does will have no bearing whatsoever……

  4. Mad Mike says:

    …meanwhile, maybe Harris should be concentrating on, I don’t know, working with ICE to deport some of the illegal immigrants that are costing our cash-strapped state billions of dollars a year. But of course since I expect any day now for California to be named the first “sanctuary state” in the union, i won’t be holding my breath.

    1. Rt in Danville says:

      Don’t change the subject from healthcare.
      Why don’t the Peoples Republic of Republicans mandate that the uninsured go out and get insurance and stop living off healthcare welfare? We’re tired of paying for healthcare for the repubs.

  5. Big Ed says:

    You don’t have to own a car, but you DO have to access the healthcare system at some point. You can’t decide to never use it. Get it?

  6. Earthly Tara says:

    Thiis message is toward Mad Mike

    Reading your statements sound like you have anger management against Democrats are just Obama policies. Danville, made a excellent point about Insurance companies receiving profits however, these insurance companies have to protect businesses when their employees get injury on the job that become a ” pre-existing condition” which dig deep into the profits, for example Repetitive Stress Injury. RSI is #1 injury in today global economic.

  7. Mad Mike says:

    @Earthly Tara: WHAT?! Your post made absolutely no sense whatsoever… for “RSI” you sound like one of the many people faking it to go on disability….

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