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Orinda Police Chase Ends In Deadly Crash

ORINDA (CBS / BCN) — A police chase ended in the death of the suspect whose stolen car slammed into a power pole Tuesday afternoon, according to authorities.

Contra Costa County sheriff’s spokesman Jimmy Lee said the crash happened on Camino Pablo at Miner Road.

A Moraga woman who had reported her Subaru stolen, discovered that her truck was taken, too. She saw both vehicles as she was picking up her child at Mira Monte High School in Moraga.

KCBS’ Dave Padilla Reports:

”While at the high school she saw her stolen Subaru, along with her pickup truck, which she did not even know had been stolen,” said Lee.

He said the woman called police, who in turn spotted her Ford truck on Camino Pablo and gave chase.

”The Orinda officer lost sight of that vehicle, and shortly thereafter he came upon the scene where the pickup truck collided into the power pole,” said Lee.

Lee said the suspect hit the pole with such force that authorities did know if this was a male or female. The second vehicle was abandoned in a neighborhood in Lafayette with the engine running.

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  • Dawg

    Steal a car, run from the cops like a stinking coward and die. It’s just too bad some poor guys car is wrecked.

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  • Pat Young

    Police overreaction leads to death, destroyed personal property, and a very long and inconvenient detour through the Orinda hills adjacent to Camino Pablo for those of us who use this route to commute to/from Richmond. In essence, the Orinda PD executed a car thief.

    • Lucy

      I so agree with you about the overreaction of the police !! I was right in the middle of the chase on Moraga way at glorietta and I would have been killed had she hit me head on!! Luckily my defensive driving kicked in and I was able to swerve out of her way. Really…chasing a stolen truck on a busy 2 lane road as schools are getting out and kids are walking home!!! Totally unnessesary. Thats why we all have CAR INSURANCE! Buy a new truck. But about your inconvenience and detour…..really? Someone died and it was a horrible tradgedy. Have some compassion.

  • george

    good maybe they can execute more of them!

  • RJ

    Really Pat? This was orchestrated by the Orinda police? The suspect had no culpability? Trying to simply stop a car thief was overreaction? And you were inconvenienced by a detour? In your world, what color is the sky?

    • allison palma

      I agree RJ…what kind of world blames the police for this scenario?

    • newswatch

      this car chase through Moraga/Orinda during the hours that schools were letting out also caused a 90 y/o man to die driving on Bear Creek Rd., obviously he had been diverted onto this road because of the closure. Two deaths, could have potentially been more, for a truck!

  • lucy

    I witnessed this chase down moraga way… the driver of the ford truck ran me off the road while trying to get past 4 cop cars that were trying to block her from coming down moraga way….. I was crying and very shaken afterwards…..How can the police justify chasing a “stolen vehicle” in the middle of the day when kids were getting out of school and the roads were packed with motorists like myself? High speeds on a windy mountain road…really?? For a stolen car???
    Maybe she would have stopped and surrenderd had she not felt threatened by so many cops chasing her like a wild animal.

  • zamzam
  • John

    It seems like cops chasing car thieves and/or felons are just as if no more dangerous than the felons themselves. I’ve read of cops, felons, innocent bystanders at the wrong place wrong time getting killed or maimed. It’s not just Orinda, it’s everywhere. C’mon, guys, safety first! What’s the point if someone got killed over a stolen car? Is it worth it? Think hard ‘cos it could be your last chance.

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