SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A Bay Area lawmaker is calling for a boycott of companies that advertise on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show after the conservative commentator refused to apologize for mocking China’s president.

State Sen. Leland Yee launched the campaign after Limbaugh’s Jan. 19 radio program, during which he did a nonsensical impression of Chinese President Hu Jintao’s speech with President Barack Obama.

After Yee complained about Limbaugh’s crude imitation, Limbaugh poked fun at the Chinese-American lawmaker, who is running for mayor of San Francisco.

Yee told the San Mateo County Times that Limbaugh’s actions were “extremely hurtful” and damaging for children to hear.

Yee reached out to civil rights organizations Tuesday and launched an online petition asking people to join the boycott.

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Comments (11)
  1. John K. Thompson says:

    Regarding “running for mayor of San Francisco” … get your story right. Ed Lee is the newly-elected mayor of San Francisco.

    1. Chris Holloway says:

      John K. Thompson: Ed Lee is only Mayor until the next election, the election in which Sen. Yee is running.

  2. NRA Life Member says:

    Hey Senator Yee! It’s called freedom of speech, look it up. Remember the oath of office you took? Have you ever seen Saturday Night Live? They, and many other broadcasts, make fun of everyone. I must have missed your protests about that, didn’t I? Did you boycott SNL’s sponsers when they made fun of Sarah Palin or are you just a hipocrite? Did you call for a boycott when they spent years making fun of Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Fidel Castro, Bill Clinton, George H. W. Bush, Tony Blair, George W. Bush, et al.? Did you Senator? I’ll bet you did not.

    You apparently only take offense when they parody a person from China, don’t you Senator Yee? So you’re not only a hypocrite but a racist, aren’t you Senator Yee? Perhaps, Senator Yee, since you hold “The Dictator” in such high esteem, maybe you should go work for him in China. You are not fit to represent the free People of The United States.

  3. King Nguyen says:

    So what Mr. Yee? You live in America and not in china

  4. grokpaint says:

    It’s about time the Right Wing got the same treatment they’ve been dealing out for years. Bravo! Remeber, the christian right is neither.

  5. AndresIniesta says:

    Sen. Yee should focus on issues concerning his constituents. Do not meddle with Rush Limbaugh’s drug-addled agenda. He’s so into oxycontin and cannot distinguish between right and wrong.

  6. JoshSmart says:

    Mr. Yee–

    Go back and read the U.S. Constitution. You are a disgrace to your constituents.

    1. Taylen Peterson says:

      And what would he read there? That the First Amendment does NOT cover slander…? Maybe YOU should try reading it sometime along with the Supreme Court cases to back it up. Just a thought…

  7. Will says:

    Mr Lee Thank You for saying what a lot of people want to but are afraid to. The constitution up hold our freedom of speech and not bad behavior….

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