Oakland Police Radios Under Scrutiny After Deadly Chase

OAKLAND (KCBS) – The communications system for the Oakland Police Department is under scrutiny following a radio breakdown during a deadly officer involved chase.

Oakland officers say their radios only worked half the time during a high speed chase Wednesday, and when a suspect was shot radio calls to dispatch did not go through. Police said they couldn’t call an ambulance for the injured suspect, another agency had to do that.

KCBS’ Margie Shafer Reports:

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan said that thus far, investigators can’t find a mechanical reason for the failure, and she said it’s the first time she’s heard about radio problems.

“I’ve given IT three days and the chief has promised full cooperation of the officers, to try to run all of the radio dispatch scenarios to find out what happened that night,” said Quan.

The radio system has been in place for four and a half years, and Chief Anthony Batts said his command staff tells him they have had problems with it the entire time.

“I’m not concerned about placing blame or pointing fingers, we just need to fix it,” said Batts.

Batts describes police radios as a lifeline. The IT report is expected Monday.

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  • Zack Debarco

    The mayor was on TV blaming the dispatchers and the cops for the malfunctiion.
    She really knows how to continue alienating the cops. Stand by for the law suits.

  • DaPoPoMan

    Knowing how these things work, I bet the officers and sergeants have been complaining about it the entire time and the administration has just ignored the problem.

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  • W

    now the mother of that animal will come out and start suing Oakland pd for not efficiently call an ambulance for her precious son.

  • tn

    Did this just happen or was it an on-going problem? Ron Dellums probably ignored it or swept it under the rug. Now that Quan is in power, I’m sure all the agency leaders are crying for assistance and funding. Sadly, Dellums will continue making more money “consulting” while Quan gets to clean up his mess. Politics.

  • George Frank

    Quan can’t even clean her own home, are you kidding me….she is an honest to goodness hoarder…don’t believe me…look into it. Why does nobody look into the fact that our Mayor has mentalissues? I guess it’s easier to just ignore that a person with a mental disease runs our city. Quan is so far out of her league as the mayor of Oakland you all will be screaming recall in about a year or sooner. Pathetic Oakland ignorance is the bottom line ie… tn’s post.

    • tn

      @ GF: I am skeptical about Quan’s qualifications and know nothing of how she’ll perform as a mayor. On the other hand, previous mayor Dellums, in my eyes, was very qualified to be mayor and also a (money) hoarder (so much so, he shorted on his income taxes I’ve read), yet his mayoral legacy is questionable at best. But what’s hoarding have to do with political effectiveness? Although under-classed in politics, maybe, just maybe, she’ll be more effective than past Oakland mayors. Time shall tell.

  • George Frank

    @tn…I agree that time will tell. But are you telling me that someone who can’t even keep their own home in order and forget to pay $1000 in parking tickets (blaming her husband was a transparent excuse) can balance the books of a city with a budget of hundreds of millions? Of course not. If you can’t balance your own checkbook and keep your own home clean (much less hoarding that would land you on a TV show if ever exposed) you absolutely have no business trying to balance a large city budget. So yes, there is a direct correlation between the two that would call Quan’s qualifications to be mayor into question. TN…you have to smarter than that…I will give you the benefit of the doubt and say that you are in possible denial.

  • George Frank

    also TN…to address your comment about Dellum’s qualifications. Yes he was qualified to do the job, but it was well known that he really did not have the desire to do the job. As far as Quan, I have no doubt that she has the desire to do the job,but she absolutely does not have the qualifications to do so. So….Oakland is in a pickle for the next 4 years…just different from the Dellums pickle.

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