SAN FRANCISCO (BCN) – Ross police were searching Golden Gate Park in San Francisco Thursday for missing Terra Linda High School teacher Debra Schmitt.

Schmitt, 53, was last seen Jan. 19 in Ross. She failed to report to work the next day when the words “thank you everyone” were found written on a blackboard in her classroom, police said.

Police searched trails in the Phoenix Lake area and in Ross itself Wednesday, Sgt. Gianfranco Campa said Thursday morning.

The search by plainclothes officers and distribution of fliers in Golden Gate Park will be low-key, Campa said.

San Francisco police are assisting by suggesting locations police should search in the park and its environs, Campa said.

“We’ll comb homeless shelters and encampments and soup kitchens,” he said.

Schmitt had mentioned she might be intending to stay in San Francisco, possibly in the area of Golden Gate Park, police said.

Police are also following tips provided by the public, Campa said.

Police are aware some of Schmitt’s relatives in New Jersey have died within the past year and that Schmitt’s husband has filed for divorce, Campa said.

“We don’t consider that a reason why she left. There’s no reason to believe that,” Campa said regarding the divorce.

There have been other missing person’s cases in Ross but Schmitt’s disappearance has drawn “incredible attention and some things have been distorted,” Campa said.

Schmitt is a white woman who is 5 feet 7 inches tall, weighs 120 pounds, and has hazel eyes and brown hair.

Her Toyota, purse, personal identification and personal belongings were left at her home, police said.

She also may be in need of her prescribed medication, police said.

Anyone with information about Schmitt’s disappearance is asked to call Ross police at (415) 453-2727.

Comments (8)
  1. mscott408 says:

    well she is certainly getting the attention she wanted.

  2. curious says:

    Missing wife? All personal items left in home? Pending divorce? Were was/is the husband? Could this sadley be another “easier/cheaper” for her to “run off” than divorce? just curious??

  3. Ratman says:

    So why the blue bars blocking most of the picture of her face? The bars are very fancy, but actually showing her picture might help getting her found…

  4. Sojourner says:

    SLEAZY COVER-UP & DIVERSION tactics are being carried out
    (rather than a serious investigation) —
    this woman’s husband (Stephen Charles Smith) has
    a long history of business scams, corporate bankruptcies and financial chicanery !!!
    and also the defunct “POWER COMPANY OF AMERICA”.

    Sgt. Gianfranco Campa of the (wealthy enclave, small-town)
    Ross police dept. is either incompetent or involved
    in a corrupt cover-up —
    rather than a real, professional, or thorough investigation !!!
    The Ross police dept. doesn’t even currently have a police chief;
    the previous chief recently retired!
    see website —
    The Marin County Sheriff, the San Rafael more-professional
    police dept., (& FBI staff also) should take charge
    of this case & investigation !!!

  5. curious says:

    Interesting cooments on husband. Hence my previous commeu.

  6. Kathleen says:

    It seems the police are being sent on a wild goose chase. They need to look at this woman’s husband. If she were to go off & be homeless, which is a ridiculous idea to do on a voluntary basis, surely she would have told a good friend or relative.
    All her stuff on the kitchen table is an indication she went somewhere with someone she knew & trusted & did not feel she needed her keys or purse; or maybe he killed her there & has hidden her body. Lots of ways to kill, some don’t create a bloody scene. May need prescribed RX is another indication she did not leave on her own on good terms.

    Ross Police – call in the FBI; you have no Chief to guide you, & this

  7. Donna Braccto says:

    My sister couldn’t even be buried with her deceasesd mother of 25yrs. He’s amonster and amuderer. Why doesn’t anyone write in the newspapers about this not being suspicious!!! He’s a monster, I will never let investigation be closed as anything else but a homicide

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