SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5 / KCBS / BCN) — The Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District’s board of directors approved a proposal Friday to collect tolls electronically only on the bridge starting in September 2012.

The vote was 13-2, district spokeswoman Mary Currie said.  The district’s Finance Committee had approved the plan Thursday by an 8-3 vote.

The district said two-thirds of bridge users now pay the toll using FasTrak and only 33 percent pay cash.

Collecting tolls electronically will save $19.2 million over 10 years starting in 2012, according to the district.

Eliminating 28 full-time and four part-time toll collectors and two vault employees will save $16.3 million in wages and benefits. The base salary of a toll collector ranges between $48,672 and $54,080 a year, according to the district.

Currie said some of the toll collectors may find other jobs as other employees retire.

KCBS’ Bob Melrose Reports:

The district faces an $89 million deficit over the next five years. Converting to electronic toll collection was among 33 initiatives approved by the board in October when the projected five-year deficit was $132 million.

Bridge users who do not use FasTrak will still have their license plate read. They will be sent a bill for the toll or they can pay it at kiosks in Bay Area stores. They may also pay with a credit or debit card over the phone or on the Web.

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Comments (9)
  1. Junkyard Wolf says:

    somehow the thought of all those folks without fast tracks being sent a bill as a violator just sounds like a major source for abuse. only winner here is fast track.

  2. Judy Martinez says:

    So the board votes for those toll takers to be jobless. Wonder why the jobless rate keeps going up! 32 more jobs taken. Shame on that board, they must all have jobs.

  3. Goldchina says:

    So toll collectors make more than most teachers!!!!! Just another reason why California is in such financial trouble. One of these days, they’ll have no choice but to fix what unions have done to the state.

    1. Francisco Rosa says:

      How do you expect to live on 50K a year????? In the City????? Are you serious….. and you are blaming unions? How much are the board of directors making????? You must like homeless employee’s. Anything less that 50K and that is what you will get.

  4. unhappy says:

    what if its a rental car? it almost feels like a traffic ticket violation. what will those people who used to have jobs do if they are being cut?

  5. Roberto Martinez Medina says:

    It makes sense for private companies to replace personal for technology as part of expenses savings and make more profit for their own benefit. It is unfair that the Government do the same. Is The Government creating jobs?

  6. unemployeed Toll Collector says:

    Billed by FASTRAK?? Will there also be a fine attached for not having FASTRAK?? What if you don’t have a credit card or simply don’t want to pay interest charges for toll??? What ever happened to “Cash is KING!!” Sounds like we are all being forced into FASTRAK with banks and credit card companies reaping the benefit!!!

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